Dr Sandra McMahon, Phd – Experienced Speech Pathologist
We only FOCUS on Children - we’ve worked with scores of kids and families

We only see children – not spread between adult and children services. All Communication and Feeding Difficulties: Speech clarity/dyspraxia, language, stuttering, reading/spelling/dyslexia, listening and understanding, attention in class, Late talkers (18mnths to 3 yrs), Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down’s Syndrome, Twins and Higher multiple birth children, Head Injury & complex medical conditions, Breast/Bottle feeding & fussy eating/food refusal, hearing impairment (including those with a history of ear infections/grommets).

Individual, Group and Prevention Services

We not only provide one-on-one assessment and treatment services but also group services for children – great way to help communication and learning skills to really consolidate when peers around them are involved in the activities; great to encourage social skills & practices skills established in the one-on-one sessions. Groups such as Pre-prep preparation are for ALL children – not just to “fix concerns” but to boost and optimise their school readiness to assist them succeed at school from the start.

Rewards and incentives to each child at the end of each session

Children learn best when they are enjoying themselves. Clinicians are exceptionally good at making sessions fun with toys & activities so that the children are motivated to try their best – resulting in faster achievement of skills. Small toy rewards & other incentives for older children offered at the end of sessions whenever appropriate.

Specific assessment & Treatment tailored to your child’s age

Services tailored to your particular child’s needs and age. Assessment and Treatment Services. Parents together with the Speech Therapist set specific goals so that you can see the benefits of the treatment as the goals are met. Early intervention specialists AND specific services for students in middle and high school students - we have experience and resources to support this age group.