22 month old not talking – Slow to Talk Toddlers

22 month old not talking

A 22 month old not talking or saying few words is a reason to seek at least advice from a speech pathologist. Slow to talk toddlers at 22 months are at risk of becoming late talkers. By 22 months a toddler is typically saying between 120 and 399 words. Hence a 22 month old not talking at all would be trying to play catch up with their speech development while other 22 month old toddlers are learning how to use their new found speech to get their needs met, to learn and to interact with others.

​A 22 month old not talking may also be presenting with other developmental issues that are not easily identified. Being a slow to talk toddler may be the first red flag of other underlying issues. To determine if the lack of spoken words is an isolated issue or a symptom of another diagnosis is something a speech pathologist can assist parent and carers with. Areas of concern can include dyspraxia, intellectual impairment, global developmental delays or it could be early signs of autism.

Toddler Talk

​Delayed speech in toddlers has been linked to a range of later behavioural, emotional and learning difficulties if left unchecked. This can even be evident for toddlers that are slow to talker but still understand everything.

​An assessment will determine if the 22 month old not talking is able to still communicate their needs and wants but just not using spoken words.

Many 22 month olds not talking can still “communicate quite a lot. They will point, take you by the and use a range of exclamations and sounds to help you guess what they want (e.g., uh oh, oh no, wow, car noises, animal noises) Slow to talk toddler that are slow to say first words but have adequate understanding and gesturing are referred to as a Late talker.

How many words should a 22 month old toddler be saying

Spoken words: Not what they are understanding but what word a 20 month is SAYING.

AT RISK of being a late talker

= less than 120 spoken words

Doing OK for their age

= 121 to 399 spoken words

Heading towards Advanced for age

= 400+ spoken words.

Monitoring a child’s spoken word count using tools such as the SPOKEN WORD COUNTER can assist parents to monitor and know if they need to may need to seek early intervention services.  Check over 500 words in 17 categories! With VIDEO & PICTURE PROMPTS

A 22 month old not talking – seek advice from a Child Speech Therapist

It is never too soon to seek advice. It is better to get advice and ideas than worry if they are going to “catch up”. Seek a speech pathologist for advice if you have a 22 month old not talking.

​The earlier parents and carers are given suggestions on how to boost delayed speech the more likely any underlying problems can be identified and addressed. If it is the case that you are told you child is within the average range you will still go away with some good tips to ensure your child reaches their full potential. Research has shown clearly toddlers that have engaged in early intervention services have better outcomes in the long run.

22 month old not talking
​What does it mean if a 22 month old is not talking

Late talking in the toddler period has been linked with a range of concerns impacting on them in later developmental periods. Toddler tantrums, toddler biting and the terrible two’s often start to emerge at about the 22 month old mark. This is why we typically see a big burst of spoken words at this age. The more words they can say the bigger their ideas they can express. A toddler that can tell you what is wrong or what they want is less likely to hit or bite in frustration.

​A 22 month old that is saying words can practise using these words to build early social skills. A 22 month old not talking will be struggling to learning words instead of building the ground work for this social competence.

​Late talking in the early stages of development may also be a red flag for bigger concerns such as global developmental delays or even autism. Seeking advice as an early intervention precaution can alleviate these concerns. Parent tips, resources and online parent tools (e.g., FOCUS ON TODDLER TALK) can assist parents in their role in encouraging talking skills.

22 month old might be talking but can still have delayed toddler speech

A 22 month old is expected to be using a large range of different types of words. They typically are using words that names things (nouns such as ball, car, hair), that tell you what do with objects (verbs such as stir, drive, read, eat), how things feel or look (adjectives such as big, wet, cold, sticky) and position words (in, on, under). By 2 years of age toddlers are using early sentences. If a 22 month old is not using a range of words it can slow their talking skills right down. Sentences like yummy cake, driving fast, my turn, where ball cannot be generated if spoken words are not established first.

​Completing an online SPOKEN WORD COUNTER can help you to list the different types of words. Click here to see how this counter can be a go to monitor you child’s early toddler speech.

22 month old not talking

​22 month old not talking – What can be done.

Seek advice from a Paediatric Speech Therapist or health professional if your 22 month old is not talking. Early intervention is always recommended. A Speech Pathologist will assist in a developmental assessment to find your child’s communication strengths and advise you if there are potential concerns. A Medical, hearing, vision and other ears of development may need to be checked.

See our Online programmes information sessions, activities, home ideas and videos of Dr McMahon actually interacting and playing with children to demonstrate the play ideas taken from actual speech therapy sessions.

If you have any concerns talk to your health professional. You can always send us an email info@speechnet.com.au and an early intervention Speech Pathologist will respond to you!

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