Speech Therapy Recommended Toys
Speech Therapy Recommended Toys For Children of All Ages and Needs. Learning for children and adults occurs best when you[...]
Parent Reading Tips For All Big W Free Books
Big W Free Books  PLUS FREE Teaching & Talking Tips Download PrintablesBig W is giving away FREE Books for 12[...]
Phlat Ball – Speech Therapy Toys & How To Use Them
Phlat Ball - Speech Therapy Toys & How To Use Them!Let's Talk ​Phlat Ball ONLY $2 ADD TO CART Focus: Phlat[...]
Importance of rhymes & rhyming games in early literacy development
Importance of Rhymes & Rhyming Games in Early Literacy DevelopmentRhymes are essential for speech clarity and a foundation skill that[...]
What is Speech Intelligibility?
What is Speech IntelligibilityIntelligibility of speech is the percentage of speech that a listener can understand. If you can only[...]
What is a lisp?
What is a lisp?A Lisp is a term people use when the /s/ and /z/ sounds are said incorrectly. Other[...]
Speech Impediment: What are Speech Impediments in Children
Speech Impediment: What are Speech Impediments in Children?Speech Impediment is a broad term used to describe the huge range of[...]
Speech Delay in Children
SPEECH DELAY IN CHILDRENSpeech delay refers to when a child’s speech is developing slower than their same aged peers. This[...]
Everyday Moments to develop Toddler & Infant Speech & Language
Let's FOCUS on Building Language Moments Blog Series - Helping develop Toddler Speech & LanguageOur blog series Let's FOCUS on[...]
Early Intervention in Everyday Routines & Play Activities & Tips
Early Intervention in Everyday Routines & Play: Activities & Tips Quick Navigation Early Intervention in Everyday Routines: Video Blogs +[...]
Reading to Preschoolers: Kindergarten, Prep Storytelling Tips 3-5 year olds
Reading to Preschoolers Free Attention Skills Checklist  ADD TO CART Reading to Preschoolers is so beneficial. There is so much[...]
Preschool books, Educational Online Prep books: 3-5 year olds
Preschool booksPreschool books are best accompanied by an enthusiastic adult partner!  Just like shoes and socks and salt and pepper[...]
Imaginative Play Why it’s an Important Milestone
Imaginative Play an Important Milestone  Our FOCUS today is putting the spotlight on Imaginative Play / Pretend Play ​Imaginative Play  –[...]
Learn Maths Vocabulary playing with Toys with these Toddler Games
Learning Maths Vocabulary while Playing Toddler Games with Sand Toys  __CONFIG_social_default__{"selected":["fb_share","g_share","t_share"],"href":"","type":"default","btn_type":"btn"}__CONFIG_social_default__ Focus: Sand Play Toys Speech Therapist      Dr Sandra[...]
Developing Toddlers Speech with Language Moments
Let's Talk​Sunscreen Building Language Moments Out & AboutHow can you help your Child's Talking Skills when you are out &[...]
Building Language Moments At Home: Brushing Teeth
​Let's Talk​Teethbrushing [tcb-noscript]<img width="1" height="1" style="display:none" src="https://www.facebook.com/tr?id=338977106439548&ev=PageView&noscript=1">[/tcb-noscript] Building Language Moments At Home Speech TherapistDr Sandra McMahon PhD Do you want[...]
Late Talker Series: “Making Friends” and coping with “bullying” such as biting can be hard when you are a late talker.  
Talking skills are essential to interacting with peers. Children that are early talkers not only develop strong language abilities, they[...]
SPEECHNET RECOMMENDED TOP TOYS FOR LEARNING SERIES: You love playing with toys with your child but sometimes you wonder if[...]
“My child is a late talker, I’m afraid she won’t get the education and opportunities she needs to reach her potential”: Late Talker Series
“I know he is only 3 years old but we have the first school interview this year!”: “I know they[...]



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