Dr Sandra McMahon, Speech Pathologist, PhD is the founder and Director of both SpeechNet Speech Pathology and Pop & Top – Language and Social Skills Groups providing Speech Therapy for Children in Brisbane.

Dr McMahon is passionate about speech therapy for children and brings experience, upto date research and friendly speech therapists that can get your child talking and learning. The Brisbane & Skype services provide speech therapy assessment and treatment for children with speech and langauge developmental concerns and feeding difficulties. These included speech therapy at home (home visits in the Brisbane area and skype speech therapy),  within Brisbane & greater area schools or in one of our child friendly clinics in Brisbane.

Our Speech Therapy PORTAL in our SpeechNet shop also provides parents with information on how to help late talkers, children with speech delays, language delays, reading & spelling problems to promote children’s development in order to allow them to meet their full potential academically and socially. Hence two companies were born: SpeechNet Speech Pathology Pty Ltd and Pop & Top Pty Ltd in 1992.


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Dr Sandra McMahon, Speech Pathologist, PhD

As the Director of SpeechNet, Dr Sandra McMahon has over 15 years of clinical and research experience in the areas of speech and language and literacy development. Drawing on this incredible experience you can be ensured quality and state of the art services for your toddlers and children. If your toddler is frustrated because they can’t tell you what they want or are thinking, if you feel the number of words they are saying is limited for their age or if you just want to be the best parent you can be by providing langauge rich enviroment (i.e., helping toddlers to talk during everyday play and interactions) – then SpeechNet is idea. We have Apps to help imitation skills, services specific to children with autism, down’s syndrome and complex medical histories.