Brisbane Speech Therapist Dr Sandra McMahon PhD 

Dr Sandra McMahon, Speech Pathologist, B.App.Sc (Sp Path.) PhD, MSPA, CPSP

Dr Sandra McMahon, Speech Pathologist, PhD is the founder and Director of SpeechNet Speech Pathology. This is a clinical service providing individual speech therapy services to Children 0 to 18 years. Dr McMahon is also the founder of Pop & Top – Language and Social Skills Groups. A range of speech therapy services are provided for children of all ages. The development of the Top Talk Online Parent Programs, Talking Together Apps and E-books (see SpeechNet Store) allows parents to be empowered to help their children in everyday environments.

Dr McMahon is passionate about diagnosing and treating children with communication and feeding difficulties. She combines her experience and passion to provide a range of services. Dr Sandra McMahon has a passion for providing parents with information on how to prevent communication difficulties. Prevention and Early intervention is paramount. The speech therapy services are of high quality for children that do present with delays or problems. Hence two companies were born: SpeechNet Speech Pathology Pty Ltd and Pop & Top Pty Ltd in 1992.

Dr Sandra McMahon’s Past Work Experience is Bringing a Wealth of Knowledge to the Speech Therapy Support for your Child!

Dr McMahon was the Director of Speech Pathology of a major Metropolitan Tertiary Hospital. In addition she was a University Lecturer in Speech Therapy. Key areas included speech and language development, literacy skills and feeding problems. Further Dr McMahon presents at National and International Conferences, State wide seminars (Children Reflux, Multiple Birth Association) and is a frequent invited presenter for several organisations.

Most noteworthy Dr McMahon has notable scientific publications from original research in the areas of Speech, Language & Literacy Development. Her PhD was in the early communication development of Multiple Birth Children. Due to her hospital experience, quality services for Children with specific medical conditions are ensured. Years of experience of working with Infant and Child Feeding / Swallowing Difficulties results in a high level of confidence for families. Dr Sandra McMahon has been involved in many research projects and professional publications in relation to infant and child feeding difficulties.

Clinical Experience ensuring your child will be engaged while having fun!

Dr Sandra McMahon has supported numerous late talking toddlers to children in Year 12 for over 15 years. Learning is always enhanced when children are having fun and feel a connection with the “teacher”. Dr McMahon engages in play based therapy with the younger children. Age appropriate communication styles and activities with are match to ages and interests for the older students. Dr McMahon ensures children have a positive attitude to their learning.