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Pop & Top Groups are designed to deliver the foundations for lifelong success in social and academic areas. They are fun “play-based” small group programmes, some designed to have parents or carers attending, and others without. Techniques and skills are provided to parents for practical application in everyday situations. All groups are based on the unique FOCUS™ system. Pop is a Zany character that brings children’s imagination alive and acts as a learning anchor (I learnt that at Pop’s). He has a magical top that “Brings” children the themes and ideas for the group session. Children are always asking “can we go and see Pop”?


Babies Talk Too™

These groups are fun for babies and great tips for parents to foster children’s early understanding and communication. Successful parents have excellent communication with their children – this starts from birth. This group is aimed at babies with no words and aiming to encourage non-verbal communication The group will assist your child reach the milestone of their first 20 spoken words.

See the attached Babies Talk Too Flyer 2 for more information.
(Indicative age: 6 – 18 months)

Late Talker Groups™

Focus On Talking First Words & Sentences ​- Running In Term 1 2020 Book Now!

Fun games to encourage spoken words. For children using 5-10 words and aiming for a vocabulary burst in order to reach the magic 50 spoken words milestone! Great for parents that want to be sure they are using the same techniques as expertise to optimise their child’s early learning potential. The group is a fabulous non-threatening approach to boost talking. If you suspect your child might be a “late talker”. (Less than 50 words or not using sentences at 2-years-of age). See our Late Talker Flyer for more information. (Indicative age: 10/12 – 36 months)

Talking Together™ & Early Talkers Groups

Book readings with a difference! We read a book and play all the games, craft and activities are drawn from the book themes to foster social interaction and learning. For children using language to communicate and aiming to further encourage vocabulary and using language to socially interact and learn.The group encourage “prep-academics” focusing on early number concepts and early pre- reading/ spelling skills e.g., phonological awareness skills and developing confidence and social skills. These groups are frequently run for Early Talkers & quick thinkers (GIFTED children) to provide a venue where like minded children can learn & interact. See our Early Talker Flyer for more information. Great for book lovers!
See our for more information. (Indicative age: 3 yrs – Prep)

Talking School Readiness™

Prep For Learning - Running Dec & Jan Holidays Book Now!​

Reading With Friends Grades 1 - 3 - Running Dec & Jan School Holidays Book Now!​

Making learning and socialising fun while building confidence in skills needed for school and pre-reading activities. For children communicating basic needs and wants and aiming for optimum school readiness. Encouraging pre-reading skills such as rhyme, letter & sound awareness. Encouraging number awareness, listening, understanding concepts and complex instructions. Assists in the development of concentration and memory skills. This module encourages social skills such as making and keeping friends, group participation skills and builds early “show and tell” confidence. Building confidence and making learning fun and social! See our School readiness flyer for more information.
(indicative age: Pre-prep & Prep) (Reading With Friends Grades 1 - 3)

Making and Keeping Friends Groups

Learning with Friends Grades 4 - 6 - Running Dec & Jan School Holidays Book Now!

Making & Keeping Friends Grades 5 - 7 - Running ​Term 1 2020 Book Now!

Emotional intelligence (IQ) has been shown to be as important as academic intelligence (IQ) for children to enjoy and succeed at school. Coping socially and having emotional resilience when interactions with peers do not go so well are two key areas of school success. These groups are great for children that might tend to be shy, overbearing or unconfident in their attempts to make and keep friends. We aim to group similar aged children and the programmes tend to run for 6-week blocks. (indicative age: Prep to Grade 2. Older Groups as needed).

Fussy Eater and Food Aversion Groups

I'm Eating More! - Running Jan School Holidays Book Now!

I'm Eating More! - Running Term 1 2020 Book Now!​

Objectives are to assist infants and children that have swallowing, feeding and eating difficulties to build oro-motor skills and broaden their range of “acceptable” foods.

See our Fussy Eater and Food Averstion group flyer for more information. The age of the children are considered in placing them in groups.

(Indicative age: 2 years+)

Speciality Groups: Children with Autism, Down’s Syndrome

Taylor made groups are conducted on a as needs basis. We conduct groups for children with autism or undergoing the diagnosis process for ASD including Core Skills groups for the under 4 years, Transitional Groups for 3 ½ year – 5 year olds moving to more formal educational environments; and Social Skills Groups for the Pre-Prep to School age child. See our Groups for Children with Autism PDF for more information.

We also conduct groups specifically for young children with Down’s Syndrome from taylor made Babies Talk TOO through to exposure to improving speech clarity & reading skills on a as needs basis.
(Indicative age: Babies to School Age)

Current groups are run at our Holland Park West clinic. Groups are also run on a as needs basis at the Springfield Clinic.   Please call us to register your interest in a particular group and to find out up and coming groups. Each Group is stand alone- So join any time!

If you have a parent group, Child Care Centre, Prep or an association in Brisbane, we can come to YOU. We would require a small child appropriate area and a minimum of 8 children interested in participating weekly for 6 weeks.

Several Groups are available that target various stages of development from 6 months old to early primary school age. This modular approach helps to formalise the goals of each stage of development and also ensures that the program remains well structured. See our Free Developmental Checklist in our information to see what milestones your child has reached for their age! Each group has a PDF attached that can be used to promote other families to join the group or to encourage a group of children at your centre to participate.

  • Pop and Top also have exciting sound adventure books that take children on a ride to
  • Promote speech development and clarity.
  • Improve sound awareness for pre-reading skills
  • Improving Phonological awareness.
  • Exploring saying and hearing the specific sounds at the beginning, middle and end of words and in sentences
  • Encouraging listening and identifying rhyme
  • Encouraging development of memory and skills in understanding meaning

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