I'm Eating More!

Term 1 Groups!


Do you need your child to eat more quantity & a broader range of foods?

  • Are you thinking or do you know your child is a “fussy eater”?
  • Are Meal-times a constant battle for you?
  • Does your child limit the range of foods they will eat?
  • Do they take “forever” to even eat what they do eat? Concerns about their chewing, swallowing or choking?
  • Are they missing out particular food groups (e.g., fruits or vegies, meats)?
  • Are they fussy about how foods are presented e.g. what plate, how it's cut
  • Is your child Fussy about the colours of food e.g., only white foods preferred
  • Are they fussy about how foods look e.g. can't have any "bits" - a dark spot, a thread (e.g, mandarin or corn)
  • Textures (e.g., hates stew like foods) or only likes crunchy foods
  • Brands – only eats certain brands of chicken nuggets or yoghurts
  • Fussy about how it’s put on the plate – same packet, only one person can give it to them, not letting different foods touch each other
  • If you have answered “yes” to any of the above questions then you should enrol your child in our “feeding GROUPS” today! We have discounts for full term bookings .

Why attend SpeechNet I'm Eating More! Holiday Groups?

  • Assessments and group design based on current research findings to assist fussy eaters, oro-motor difficulties and children with food aversions.
  • Will incorporate a multi-modality approach including oro-motor skill development, sensory integration, cognitive and functional behavioural management approaches.
  • Open to all children with and without formal diagnosis of other issues as staff are experienced in feeding issues with a range of known and unknown causes. 
  • Staff have particular experience with children with special needs e.g. children with Autism, Down’s Syndrome.
  • Wholistic approach taken e.g. language development and communication means can be incorporated into sessions e.g. signing, PECS, devices.

Do you want your child to have the confidence to eat more quantity & more variety THEN Enrol your child today!

What you get!

  • Your child Attends a grou with a small number of children focused on sensory and meal-time activities lead by an Experience Speech Pathologist. PLUS some groups are co-presented with an OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST too.
  • A large resource of information and handouts for parents so that the learning continues in the home and when you go out to dinner!
  • Feedback on your child’s bite, chew, swallow by an experience Speech Pathologist
  • 20% discount on a full feeding assessment (1-hour) if an assessment is deemed required or requested by the parent.
  • A 15 minute phone call from the Speech Pathologist once the group is book in and a non-refundable deposit is provided if your child is new to our clinic.
  • Families supply their individual child’s food with advice and discussion with the speech pathologist due to the fact that each child will have preferred and non-preferred foods + due to allergy concerns food is not shared.

Dates, Times & Place

Term 1 Groups - Start second week of the State School Term 2020 

Tuesday Groups

  • Morning Group:                          Tues 9.30 - 10.30 Each Week
  • Afternoon Group                        Tues 2.45 - 3.45 Each Week 

Cost: $240 per one-hour Session (for two professionals – a speech pathologist and an Occupational therapist) (usually valued at $340 and $398)

Wednesday Groups 

  • Morning Group:                           Wed 9.30 - 10.30 Each Week

Cost: $199 per session with the Speech Pathologist leading the group and a Therapy Aide supporting.


SpeechNet Speech Pathology Holland Park Offices

​62 Nursery Road, Holland Park West, Qld 4121.

Who are the Groups for?

  • Any child 3 years+*
  • Any child that you have concerns about the range and quantity that they are eating.
  • Children do not require a formal diagnosis prior to attending.

(We run a number of groups often with younger children in the morning and older children in the afternoon depending on numbers and the range of issues children present with. We do have a philosophy that meal-times in families often have a range of ages eating at one time and this can be mirrored in some of our groups.

Run by a Speech Pathologist and supported by an Occupational Therapist. Help your child build their confidence to eat more quantity & more range of foods. Call Today!!

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