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Let's Play, Let's Learn - Educational Activities, Resources & Ideas for Home

Parents are key for Child Development.  How does parents playing activities, using resources & putting ideas into practice with their children help development?

When Parents choose to Learn New Strategies for Supporting Communication & Learning their children Learn New Skills. When parents seek out information such as ages & stages checklists, ideas for activities and resources that can be incorporated into everyday interactions and play with their child:

  • Children talk more and use language more spontaneously
  • A child learns targets along the developmental milestones
  • Children generalise targets learnt at Speech Therapy or in the classroom to home settings
  • A child with then maintain new skills over time
  • Some children show greater than expected developmental gains in some language skills when parents support them in the home. This means the parents are giving them a great start to Kindy, Prep or the next level of curriculum at school

Educational Activities, Resources & Ideas for Home

For parents to be natural supporters of their child’s development they need:

  • Information and training to increase their understanding of their child’s strengths and levels
  • Handouts, workshop, individual training (e.g., Online Parent Training programmes)
  • Up to date information about child targets and progress (e.g., reusable checklists across ages)
  • Models of how to model, prompt, reinforce new speech or skills
  • Activities that support child communication (e.g. books, games, videos)

SpeechNet Speech Pathology provides ALL of these parent supports via

  • Our informative website is written with parent, carers and teachers in mind!
  • Free resources
  • Video blogs providing examples
  • Online targeted books for speech and learning e.g., the Peppy the Clown “p” book, Mr Tongue story
  • Printable handouts with specific direction of how to use common books and toys to boost speech, language and learning
  • Online parent training in our portal that busy parents can access 24/7
  • Developmental Checklists and milestone checks you can do at home 24/7
  • Pop & Top Early & Late Talker & baby talks too Parent-baby groups run by speech pathologist so you get training right from the horse’s mouth
  • Skype parent consults and therapy with the child
  • Home visits to bring skills to the house using your toys and activities
  • Active Facebook Page giving informative links ideal for parents
  • Specially designed App for early imitation with parent scripts for each page
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Toddler Talk

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Toddler Talk has over 70 VIDEOS - Videos include: Video tutorials with personal voice over, video examples & explanations from Dr Sandra McMahon PhD, Video demonstrations of games and activities taken from actual speech therapy sessions. Video explanations of goals of each activity and explanations at three different ability levels.

With Toddler Talk Receive Resources.... Worksheets, printables, information printouts, scripts, resources.........

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