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Autism Funding at SpeechNet Speech Pathology Brisbane
Autism funding

SpeechNet Speech Pathology is a private practise. Autism funding for support at SpeechNet can include:

My child has been diagnosed with autism.  What financial assistance is available and can I get any Autism Funding assistance?  Early intervention can greatly improve the quality of life for children with autism.  Ongoing therapy support continues goals and aspirations.  See below Autism Funding Assistance options available.

  • Private Health Rebates – we have Hicaps at our clinics so just pay the gap on the day
  • Medicare Provider Numbers for eligible Medicare rebates – Chronic Disease Care Plan and Autism Assessment Package. Specific doctor referrals are required for these Medicare rebates.• Helping Children with Autism Package providers – just bring your introductory letter from your Autism advisor as we require the child DOB and CRN.
  • Helping Children with Autism Package providers – just bring your introductory letter from your Autism advisor as we require the child DOB and CRN.
  • NDIS - SpeechNet is registered to provide service via NDIS in areas that have been opened up to receive this funding. Our Springfield Lakes clinic is idea for clients in the Ipswich NDIS catchment area.

Private Health Rebates for Speech Pathology Services for Autism

For Private Health Autism Funding / Therapy Funding.  You need to check with your private health insurer to determine if you plan will support speech pathology services. Plans vary widely in terms of the amount and way rebates are provided. We recommend you contact your health provider for information.

autism funding

Helping Children with Autism Package

There are a number of segments to this Autism Funding Package:

  • Medicare assessment and Treatment Sessions
  • Helping Children with Autism Treatment Funding
autism funding
autism funding

Medicare rebates are available to assist in the diagnosis and initial allied health treatment of children with autism,

  • There are a number criteria that must be met to be eligible for these specific Medicare Rebates for Autism Funding. There is a gap between what Medicare rebates and the fee. Please call SpeechNet Speech Pathology on 3349 9234 or for further information.
  • Please contact Medicare or ask your Doctor about these rebates. The following has some information however Medicare may change conditions from time to time:
  • The child must be under 13 years of age at the time of ASD diagnosis and under 15 years of age when receiving treatment
  • The GP refers the child to a Paediatrician or Psychiatrist who makes the referral to the speech pathologist for assessment,
  • If the paediatrician or psychiatrist then provides an ASD diagnosis they can refer to the speech pathologist for a block of treatment consultations
  • Up to four Medicare Allied Health Assessment services can be provided by specified allied health professionals including speech pathologists. The referral will specify what AHP can be seen with the rebate service.
  • Up to 20 Medicare Allied Health Treatment services can be provided by certain allied health professionals including speech pathologists (i.e., it may include some Speech Pathology, some psychology or Occupational therapy. However only a total of 20 sessions across all the AHP added together is available).
  • Once the diagnosis and treatment sessions have been used the child is no longer eligible for the Medicare Autism Rebates
  • They may continue to request from the GP 5 Medicare treatment sessions per year. Speech Pathology can be included in these 4 sessions.
autism funding

The Helping Children with Autism Package is an initiative to assist families

Where the child has received a diagnosis of ASD and has been approved as eligible by an Autism Advisor, they may access Autism funding for an Early Intervention program. The criteria is such that:

  • The child must be under 6 years of age when eligibility is approved and under 7 years when receiving the service
  • Total autism funding package for Early Intervention is $12,000 (max of $6,000 per financial year up until the child’s 7th birthday)
  • The funding can be used to support the provision of structured and intensive early intervention services such as one-on-one speech therapy and other services.
  • An additional $2000 for families in rural and remote areas to assist their child in benefits from early intervention. Families have used some of this autism  funding to travel to Brisbane for speciality services we offer at SpeechNet.
  • Part of the $12 000 can be used for resources for you child with autism if approved by the therapists working with you.

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

SpeechNet is a registered provider with the NDIS. If speech pathology is part of your NDIS funding package we are able to help you. You have to be living in a region of Australia that has begun the NDIS rollout however you can attend any registered NDIS provider even if they do not have offices in the NDIS specific suburbs/regions.

​We are happy to discuss the services we can provide as part of this package. Our experience in Autism and the fact that we have a multidisciplinary team at each of our clinics (Holland Park West and Springfield Lakes) make us an idea support for you and your family. We can provide home visits and school/child care visits as required for your optimum plan. Our speech pathologists, occupational therapists, psychologists, physiotherapist and dietitian are experience with children with ASD from infancy to adolescents.

​We recommend contacting NDIS for further information about your particular child’s needs.

Autism funding

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