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baby books

Make baby books a “MUST have” item from birth. We often ensure our young babies have a soft cuddly toy, a mouthing toy, even a musical mobile over their cot – but what age did you first read baby books to your infant? It appears that is never too early to start exposing your baby to baby books!

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baby books

Why read baby books to young babies you may ask?

It may seem absurd to think that you would read baby books out loud to such a small infant. The reason is that by linking the special snugly, fun reading time with the comforting, familiar sound of the parent’s voice from birth, you are setting the stage for your child to learn to love this special baby book reading time. This way you are setting up a life-long love of reading & learning.

Focus On Objects eBook

Children's books

Baby Books: Focus On Objects

A children's book that talks at your child's speaking level and grows with them!

     Parents without the skills of adapting books to the language level of a specific child may loose the child's FOCUS and the child's opportunity to learn from the story. If a story is delivered at a language level that is too high or too low for the child to fully engage in or learn from story. The book has 4 levels that you can read to them OR Dr Sandra McMahon, Speech Pathologist's voice over can be provided with a push of a button. This means the children can listen over and over. They see the words grow into sentences and have the words read for them. Great for early reading skills too!

​     This eBook is actually spoken by Dr Sandra McMahon to coach you on how to change the words, the tone and the intonation of what you are reading. This eBook is delivered at 4 different levels: Children with No Words, Children with Some Words, Children with 2-3 Word Sentences & Children Developing Longer Sentences. The book grows with your child.

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