Parent Communication Style Checklist 

Why is My Communication Style Important?

Usually when looking at Communication the FOCUS is always on the child’s level of development. But the parent too also needs to be aware of their input to the child (Infant-Directed Speech). Parents & Carers are the child’s most important teachers when it comes to speech, language and literacy development. It is not only the quantity of talking to a child but also what is said and asked during interactions1. Research has also shown that the (Infant-Directed speech) is best when the talk is in synchrony with the child as this interactive loop plays an important role in infants' cognitive and social development2.


This FOCUS on Parent Communication Style Observation Checklist will

help you as a parent or carer to identify your strengths and strategies that you are currently using. It will also assist you to reflect on your child-directed speech style in order to build strategies to boost your child’s communication, learning & social skills.

Parent Communication Style Checklist 

Easy & Quick to use – complete now or download to complete in your own time.

The Communication checklist is online, can be completed in your own time and easy to use. Once purchased you will be able to access it at any time in your MY COURSE tab.

​At the end of the Communication checklist you will have a printable summary of your communication style when interacting with children. In addition a printable results a resource is available to help you reflect on the implications of your style as a starting point to begin to optimize how you talk with your child in everyday interactions and during play.

​Complete the FOCUS On Parent Communication Style Observational Checklist now & provide the best language learning environment for the children you are interacting with.

This Communication Skills Checklist is an informal guide to parent-child communication styles. If you are concerned about your child or have specific questions about your input levels to your child please seek assistance from a local medical or allied health practitioner.


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