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Doctor's Referral Information Speech Therapy - A Quick Guide

Phone: 07 3349 9234

FAX: 07 3349 9234


Postal: 62 Nursery Rd, Holland Park West              Qld 4121

Director: Dr Sandra McMahon, Speech Pathologist, PhD.

Information for Doctors re Locations of SpeechNet Clinics

Clinics at Holland Park West and Springfield Lakes

Home, School and Child Care visits in Brisbane Metropolitan to Ipswich Areas

Skype/ telemedicine services where appropriate

How to make a Doctor's referral to SpeechNet Speech Pathology

Please make Medicare Chronic Disease Management Plans out to SPEECHNET SPEECH PATHOLOGY and email to   or  Fax: 07 3349 9234

The following REFERRAL FORM may also be given to parents. to bring to their appointments if deemed appropriate. This form also has contact details so that parents can make contact with SpeechNet to book appointments

Parents are advised to phone 07 3349 9234 SpeechNet directly and immediately upon referral to secure an appointment time that suits the family.

Doctor's referrals can be made out to SpeechNet Speech Pathology for areas such as:

SpeechNet Speech Pathology works with children 0-18 yrs with any communication, learning or feeding difficulties. We provide assessment and treatment services. These include:

Late talkers or delayed developmental milestones

Autism - Assessment and Treatment​

Speech clarity – delays, lisp, dyspraxia

Literacy skills – reading, writing, spelling


Voice issues

Down’s Syndrome , Medical diagnosis (ADHD), and other Syndromes impacting on development

Social Skill development

Breast and bottle-feeding difficulties, fussy eaters

For a full list of our services and additional details see OUR SERVICES PAGE here.

We have Occupational Therapy and Psychology on site at both our clinics and provide a team approach.​


We are able to accept

Medicare Chronic Disease Management Plans

Working with Autism FACHSIA clients

Better Start clients

HiCaps for those with Private Health

We are NDIS providers

Unfortunately, we do not offer bulk bill services