Focus On Toddler Talk!

An Online Speech Therapy Based Program 

Developing Toddlers Talking & Learning Skills!

From First Words To Long Sentences

Communication is the key to success!

An Online Speech Therapy Based eProgram that helps get your Toddler Talking!

A SPEECH THERAPY BASED PROGRAM written by a leading Speech Therapist to equip YOU with the techniques needed to help develop speech, language and literacy in toddlers.

What's in the Program?

    • Over 70 Videos: Step-by-step tutorials with video examples & explanations from Dr Sandra McMahon, Speech Pathologist PhD.
  • Video Demonstrations: Shows actual speech therapy sessions of the games and activities delivered at 3 different ability levels
    • Resources: Provides worksheets, printables, information printouts, scripts +++
      • Milestone Checklists: Find out where your child's speech and language skills are at for each skill area so you can target the correct level in each program.
        • Maintaining & Sharing Skills: Additional games and activities focused on each program level (share these with Childcare, Playgroups & Family)

What You'll Learn

4 Comprehensive Programs in 1

    • Program 1. FOCUS ON TALKING SKILLS: Learn what skills are important to boost speech and language for your child's development. Find out if your child has all the pre- speech skills needed for speech development. Learn specific techniques to boost and develop these skills.
    • Program 2. MATCHING YOUR CHILD'S SPEECH: Learn techniques to match your speech to your child's vocabulary, gestures & sound level to Sky Rocket Talking Skills.
      • Program 3. BOOST COMMUNICATIVE INTENT: Learn techniques to help your child use speech to - Ask what they want, interact with friends & family, use speech to learn. Help stop frustration (decrease tantrums)
        • Program 4. DEVELOP IMITATION SKILLS: Imitation is the key to learning from babies to adults. Find out what level your child's imitation skills are at and learn specific techniques to use to boost your child's talking skills.

Toddler Talk is Available for you to start right NOW!: Delivered to you through the SpeechNet Portal.  This educational Online eProgram is available to you right NOW 24/7! Work through the program when it suits you no appointments needed.  You will have full 24/7 access to the eProgram for 12 months from the date of purchase.  WHY WAIT? LET'S START TODAY!

Have your Toddler Kindergarten ready!

Why should Parents use FOCUS On Toddler Talk to Boost their Toddlers Speech & Language Skills?...


Early vocabulary has been linked to later school success! Help boost your toddlers speech and language skills now so they will be Kindergarten ready and socially confident.


Prevention is always better than intervention. Use fun play based games, activities & tricks actual Speech Therapists use to optimise speech and language development. Don't just "wait & see" if they have a problem - start helping your TODDLER TALK today and avoid later problems. Many parents that attend speech therapy wish they had sooner!


Limited vocabulary can cause frustration which may lead to anti social behaviour for example:                           Toddler Biting, Toddler Meltdowns, Toddler Hitting, Toddlers not sharing and being unable to use vocabulary in social interactions.


Focus On Toddler Talk! Is an ONLINE INTERACTIVE ePROGRAM that helps parents become well equipped to be their child's most important speech, language and early literacy teachers. Parents get a clear understanding of each developmental step that a child must develop to boost their speech through video tutorials delivered by Dr Sandra McMahon PhD. Parents learn how to do Speech Therapy FOCUSed activities and games by seeing the activity done in an actual speech therapy session.

FOCUS On Toddler Talk! Has 4 Individual Steps

4 Comprehensive Steps that help you build a strong Speech & Language Foundation.
Each Step Includes...
Toddler talk
A Crucial FOCUS In Speech development.

Movie Tutorials available 24/7 

FOCUS on essential pre-speech skills needed to boost early speech development and prevent your child becoming a late talker. Let Dr Sandra McMahon explain through video tutorials each steps FOCUS so you have a clear understanding of the goals and purpose of each step and the activities.

Observation Checklists

Online Checklists 

​Get to know your child's personal development each step of the way with easy to use online checklists with automatic results.

Communication FOCUS

Activities that FOCUS On

Communication Skills 

​FOCUS on activities that highlight important social aspects of learning to talk and learn. Build and strengthen social and emotional skills.

Understanding FOCUS

Activities that FOCUS On

Understanding Skills  

FOCUS on activities that highlight the importance of understanding language. Understanding comes before talking.

Toddler Talk Program
Speech FOCUS

Activities that FOCUS On

Speech & Articulation

FOCUS on activities that assist your toddler to say the building blocks of words - speech sounds improving speech clarity.

Customised FOCUS

Foundation, Main &

Advanced Levels 

3 Levels: FOCUS on your child's needs. At each step the games and activity instructions are customised to each level. Move through the levels of each step as needed.

Maintaining Skills

At Home, Mealtime, Bedtime,

While Travelling and Out & About 

Everyday routine activities specific to each steps FOCUS. Easy ways to keep the FOCUS of the step in your busy schedule.

Sharing Skills

Activities to share. 

Specific activities to share with family, friends, playgroups or childcare providers.

Start Developing your Toddlers Speech & Language Today

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Meet Dr Sandra McMahon PhD.

Dr McMahon B.App.Sc (Sp Path.) PhD, MSPA, CPSP has helped literally hundreds of toddlers meet their full potential and conducted innumerable highly acclaimed parent training workshops and presentations. She is highly sort both clinically for intervention services and as a parent consultant for prevention and optimisation of child development.


CLINCIAL EXPERIENCE: Dr McMahon initially worked in South Australia’s Children’s Services Office providing support to children in Child Care Centres & Kindergartens. This included extensive direct clinical work with young children as well as consultative services to Educational Staff in relation to planning for communication & learning of pre-school children.


Her wealth of clinical knowledge continued to expand upon taking the position of Director of Speech Pathology of a major Metropolitan Tertiary Hospital (Royal Children’s Hospital, Brisbane) where she combined direct clinical practise, research and administrative advocacy to ensure the best practise for children & their families attending the Brisbane Hospital & Community Health Centres in the region. Dr McMahon worked and over saw speciality clinics such as the Children’s Head Injury Unit, Neonatal Intensive Care & the Developmental Clinic (Autism, Dyspraxia, Developmental Delay, and Cerebral Palsy).


Upon completion of her PhD in the areas of early communication and literacy development of 2-4 year old children she took up a University Lecturer position in these areas.


Dr McMahon currently is the Director of Speech Pathology of the SpeechNet Speech Pathology & Learning Centre in Brisbane. This is a state of the Art Multi-disciplinary Allied Health Clinic supporting children & their families in the 0-18 year range. In addition to one-on-one clinical services (in-clinic & via Skype), her passion to support more families has led to the development of the Pop & Top Language & Social Group Programs; and more recently a suite of Online Parent courses & resources. The TODDLER TALK eProgram for parents is the culmination of all her experience and knowledge consolidated into an easily accessible format for parent and Educators of young children.


RESEARCH PUBLICATIONS: Further Dr McMahon presents at National and International Conferences, State wide seminars (Children Reflux, Multiple Birth Association) and is a frequent invited presenter for several organisations. Most noteworthy Dr McMahon has a large range of scientific publications & book chapters from original research in the areas of Speech, Language & Literacy Development.

FOCUS On Toddler Talk!

A Comprehensive Speech & Language Program.

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Receive Over 70 videos.

Videos include: video tutorials with personal voice over, video examples and explanations from Dr Sandra McMahon PhD, video demonstrations of games and activities taken from actual speech therapy sessions. Video explanations of goals of each activity and explanations at three different ability levels.

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

Receive Resources...

Receive worksheets, printables, information printouts, scripts, resources.......

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

Available for you to start right NOW!

Delivered to you through the SpeechNet Portal. This educational Online eProgram is available to you right NOW 24/7! Work through the program when it suits you no appointments necessary!  You will have 24/7 access to the eProgram for 12 months from the date of purchase.  

Start helping and boosting your toddlers speech and language today for an amazing low price!

With FOCUS On Toddler Talk!

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You will have 24/7 access to the eProgram for 12 months from the date of purchase. 


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Peace of Mind - You know you are helping your child succeed now and in later school years.

It's easy with Focus On Toddler Talk to help get your Toddler Talking!

It's easy with Focus On Toddler Talk! To Develop and Advance your Toddlers Speech and Language skills!​

No need to "Wait and See". No need to wish you had started sooner!​

Start Today! 

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