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Diagnosis and Treatment of ALL communication, literacy & Feeding Difficulties in infants to adolescents.

Optimisation of children’s potential. We do not just help children with “problems”.  Services are for all children. Parent online boot camps and Pop & Top Groups ensure Parents are empowered with a bag of techniques that they can use to interact with your babies and young children to optimise early development. FOUNDATIONS are what later skills are built on –  Oral language is key for reading and academic success. Talk to us about services we can provide for GIFTED CHILDREN.

The literature clearly indicates

  • the importance of early communication development for later academic and social success as well as for development of self-confidence and self-esteem!
  • that due to the plasticity in a young child’s brain, optimum input for children well before the age of 5-6 years is paramount in order for your child to reach their full potential and beyond!

Please find attached information that will help inform you about your child’s speech development and information if you are asking “Should I get my child assessed?”


Speech Sound Development

Phonological Awareness

Should I have my child assessed

Early Talkers

Late Talkers

School Readiness

 Fussy Eater and Food Averstion group

Making and Keeping Friends- Social Group

Article 1: Is the Communication Development of Multiple Birth Children (twins, triplets, quintuplets) Different to Single Born Children?

Article 2: Is there really Twin Language?