Year 3 Naplan Spelling Minimum Standards: Speech-Language Pathologists can help Naplan Preparation

YEAR 3 Naplan Minimum Spelling Standards: How can Speech-Language Pathologists Help with Naplan?

Naplan is national assessment. The Year 5 results are being used more and more by schools in their selection of students. The Year 3 results can help you as a parent to see how they are going compared to other children of the same school year in the state. This is not just to make a “comparison” to other children but can help you determine if there are any gaps or strengths you can help your child with. If they are above level then learning needs to remain a challenge or they may “detach” from learning. If they are performing “below the average”, by determining strengths and gap areas at Year 3, you can help put them on the right track for the their next stages in primary school learning.

If your child is struggling or not really showing their potential in any of the areas assessed by NAPLAN – reading comprehension, grammar skills, spelling and writing a Speech Pathology assessment can find specific underlying areas of gaps that may be impacting on your child’s results. Doing practise books is going to be less effective if there are actually some gaps in skills.

Problems with reading and spelling VOWELS in words is a very common problem area – Speech-Language Pathologists can assess children’s PHONOLOGICAL AWARENESS SKILLS – the ability to hear and manipulate sounds within words. Phonological awareness has been shown to be one of the best predictors of reading and spelling success in primary school. Also areas such as reading comprehension and vocabulary can be assessed as these areas have been shown to impact on academic success. If your child still has some speech sounds errors (e.g., “fink” for “think”) or finds it hard to re-tell what they have been doing that day at school (i.e., “recount” what they have seen or done), then they are going to have trouble with spelling and the writing tests. If you can verbally say your ideas you will find it very hard to write them down. These are all areas Speech-Language Pathologists at SpeechNet are very aware of and trained in to help your child meet their full potential.

In spelling, Year 3 students at the minimum standard generally identify and correct errors in frequently used one-syllable words and some frequently used two-syllable words with double letters.

Students can correct identified errors in:

  • frequently used one-syllable words e.g., I lik ice-cream.
  • frequently used two-syllable words with regular spelling patterns e.g, Summer is a fun seson.

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