Focus On Toddler Talk: The Ultimate Guide to teaching toddlers to talk

A Fully Comprehensive Speech Therapy Based Program that Helps Develop Toddlers Talking & Learning Skills - From First Words to Long Sentences!
What's in the Program?
  • Over 70 Videos: Step-by-step tutorials with video examples & explanations from Dr Sandra McMahon, Speech Pathologist PhD.
  • Video Demonstrations: Shows actual speech therapy sessions of the games and activities delivered at 3 different ability levels
  • Resources: Provides worksheets, printables, information printouts, scripts +++
  • Milestone Checklists:  Find out where your child's speech and language skills are at for each skill area so you can target the correct level in each program.
  • Maintaining & Sharing Skills:  Additional games and activities focused on each program level (share these with Childcare, Playgroups & Family)
Who's the Program for?
  • Parents & Educators ‚Äčof - 
  • Typically developing toddlers
  • Late talkers
What You'll Learn
4 Comprehensive Programs in 1
  • Program 1. FOCUS ON TALKING SKILLS: Learn what skills are important to boost speech and language for your child's development.  Find out if your child has all the pre- speech skills needed for speech development.  Learn specific techniques to boost and develop these skills.  
  • Program 2. MATCHING YOUR CHILD'S SPEECH: Learn techniques to match your speech to your child's vocabulary, gestures & sound level to Sky Rocket Talking Skills.
  • Program 3. BOOST COMMUNICATIVE INTENT:  Learn techniques to help your child use speech to -  Ask what they want, interact with friends & family, use speech to learn. Help stop frustration (decrease tantrums)
  • Program 4. DEVELOP IMITATION SKILLS:  Imitation is the key to learning from babies to adults.  Find out what level your child's imitation skills are at and learn specific techniques to use to boost your child's talking skills.  

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Dr Sandra McMahon, Speech Therapist PhD

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An Ultimate Guide to Teaching Toddlers To Talk 

From First Words to Long Sentences

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