language delay

Implications of an Expressive Language Delay

​Delays in Expressive language skills have been shown to impact on:

Learning problems

Early spoken language delays have been linked to increased difficulties in learning to read and write. Difficulties expressing ideas at school can reduced to poor marks in any subject that requires written answers or assignments.

Behaviour concerns

If children cannot express their feelings or give explanations for what happened to result in negative behaviours (e.g., biting, hitting, fighting, being late for class) the behaviours can continue or even escalate. Young children with expressive language delays (e.g., late talkers) frequent show frustration in their inability to indicate their wants and needs).

Low self-esteem and potential Social Problems

If children have difficulties asking and answering questions, find it difficult to recall names of people and places, poorly express themselves by using the wrong word in the wrong context, they can show embarrassment and/or distress.

language delay

How to assist Children with Expressive Language Delays.

The first step to obtain an investigation as to what are the exact expressive language problems and to determine if there are other concerns that could be resulting in the delayed expressive skills (e.g., autism, hearing difficulties/ ear infections, dyspraxia).

An assessment by a qualified Speech Pathologist is always a good start. If other areas of assessment are needed (e.g., IQ assessments or auditory processing screens) the speech-language pathologist will advise you.

Remember sometimes expressive language problems do not emerge until primary and high school years when learning pressures increase and independent leaning is expected.

SpeechNet Speech Pathology believe that children are never too young or too old for expressive language assessments to be conducted and for help to be sought. First words  is really part of expressive language as is high school assignment writing. SpeechNet has speech pathologists experienced working with children from infants to 18 years. Feel free to contact via our website to ask any questions you may have.

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