Infant & Child Swallowing and Feeding Difficulties

Infant & Child Swallowing and Feeding Difficulties Blogs by Speech Therapist Dr Sandra McMahon PhD. More information about the Brisbane Feeding Clinic here.

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  • ​        Difficulties with breast or bottle feeding
    Refusal, spitting or choking when making the transition to first solids
    Problems managing lumpy and hard foods or refusing to mix foods together.
    Ineffective biting and chewing. This can reduce what the will eat or results in them taking an extra-long time to finish a mouthful or a meal.
    Swallowing difficulties or choking – including involvement in Modified Barium X-ray Studies and assessments following recurrent chest infections with no apparent         causes
    Behaviour related feeding difficulties
    Feeding difficulties relating to medical conditions/situations e.g. long term naso-gastric tube feeding, PEG feeding, cardiac or respiratory conditions, syndromes
    Gastro-oesphageal reflux issues
    Structural or anatomical problems e.g. cleft palates



  • Brisbane Feeding Clinic
  • Skype/Facetime Feeding Therapy
  • Home/ School / Childcare / Educational Centre Visits

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Mr Tongue Story encourages tongue movements important in eating and talking