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Activities & Ideas to help Late Talking Toddlers  

See our blogs below for information on late talking toddlers and language boosting ideas to help late talkers.  

Our blog series Let's FOCUS on Building Language Moments looks at quick and simple ideas to get Late Talkers to FOCUS  on Speech & Language while completing simple day to day routines and activities like brushing teeth or putting on Sunscreen).  Our blogs  Toys to get Toddlers Talking series looks at simple ideas to get late talking toddlers to FOCUS on Speech and Language while playing with Toys.  See all information blogs on late talkers and our series below.  

late talking toddlers
late talking toddlers
late talking toddlers


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5 ways you can help late talking toddlers talk effectively

1. FOCUS on Toddler Talk: Parents/ Carers/ educators of under 3 year old Toddlers can access techniques that can be embedded in every day interactions and play.

2.Observations by parents /carers/ educators with easy ways to observe and monitor development so that input offered by parents are at the level that will optimise each child's communication development journey. By working out what skills are strong and which ones can be boosted,  parents can vary their input accelerating the child's communication abilities and therefore learning potential.

3. Communicate with others - Show Toddlers new ways of trying to communicate with others so that they feel heard and their attempts to communicate are rewarded by getting their needs met.

4. Understanding - comes before speaking - boosting comprehension of ideas plus helping the toddler to see that gestures and speech helps to reduce their frustration.

5. Speech - by breaking down the steps of learning to communicate into small achievable steps effective communication systems can be developed. Strengthening foundation skills can lead to improved Spoken language.



By 2 years of age children are typically saying around 200 words. ​

Slow to talk or Late Talkers would be considered a 24 month old saying less than 50 words and/ OR not putting 2-words together to make little sentences (e..g, go car).






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FOCUS On Toddler Talk! Has 4 Individual Steps

4 Comprehensive Steps that help you build a strong Speech & Language Foundation.
Each Step Includes...
Toddler talking toddlers
A Crucial FOCUS In Speech development.

Movie Tutorials available 24/7 

FOCUS on essential pre-speech skills needed to boost early speech development and prevent your child becoming a late talker. Let Dr Sandra McMahon explain through video tutorials each steps FOCUS so you have a clear understanding of the goals and purpose of each step and the activities.

late talking toddlers
Observation Checklists

Online Checklists 

​Get to know your child's personal development each step of the way with easy to use online checklists with automatic results.

late talking toddlers
Communication FOCUS

Activities that FOCUS On

Communication Skills 

​FOCUS on activities that highlight important social aspects of learning to talk and learn. Build and strengthen social and emotional skills.

late talking toddlers
Understanding FOCUS

Activities that FOCUS On

Understanding Skills  

FOCUS on activities that highlight the importance of understanding language. Understanding comes before talking.

late talking toddlers
Speech FOCUS

Activities that FOCUS On

Speech & Articulation

FOCUS on activities that assist your toddler to say the building blocks of words - speech sounds improving speech clarity.

late talking toddlers
Customised FOCUS

Foundation, Main &

Advanced Levels 

3 Levels: FOCUS on your child's needs. At each step the games and activity instructions are customised to each level. Move through the levels of each step as needed.

late talking toddlers
Maintaining Skills

At Home, Mealtime, Bedtime,

While Travelling and Out & About 

Everyday routine activities specific to each steps FOCUS. Easy ways to keep the FOCUS of the step in your busy schedule.

late talking toddlers
Sharing Skills

Activities to share. 

Specific activities to share with family, friends, playgroups or childcare providers.

Introductory Offer - Limited Time Only!

late talking toddlers

Start Boosting and Developing Your child's Speech today! VIDEO