Providing Speech Therapy Services Wherever YOU are!

SpeechNet Speech Pathology offers direct services with children via telehealth processes including Skype and Facetime assessments and treatment. We also offer clinical education sessions with parents so we can give you advice and support. Telespeech parent consults sessions can also be great ways to supplement our Online parent programs by asking questions specific to your child.

“Speech Over the NET” Speech Pathology is ideal for families

  • that cannot travel to local speech pathology services due to time, sibling commitments or illnesses
  • in remote and rural locations
  • would like to access particular clinical styles or services for FOCUSed areas such as Late Talker, Speech Clarity, Reading & Spelling Difficulties.
  • The use of the computer assists a child to FOCUS

Taylor et al, 2014 reviewed research looking at the effectiveness of assessments of oromotor function, speech intelligibility and language. Articulation screening via telehealth was found to be valid.


If you have questions or would like to book directly with us visit our contact page and SEND US A MESSAGE. Alternatively call us directly on +61 07 3349 9234 or email