FOCUS On Attention Skills Observational Checklist

What might this Checklist tell me about my child?

Attention skills are one of the key Pre-speech and learning skills. Researchers have found links between attention skills and early expressive language, comprehension, and fine motor skills; as well as in emotions, concentration, behaviour, and relationships (Marin-Mendez, 2016). Much of the literature suggests early support is recommended for children showing reduced attention and joint attention concerns.

This checklist can assist you to reflect on your child’s attention and focusing skills. Understanding your child’s strengths and areas that could be boosted ensures you are providing the most ideal, fun and effective learning environment you can use in your every day interactions with your child.
1 Marín-Méndez JJ, Borra-Ruiz MC, Álvarez-Gómez MJ, Soutullo Esperón C. (2016). Psychomotor development and learning difficulties in preschool children with probable attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: An epidemiological study in Navarre and La Rioja. Neurologia. 2016 Apr 15.

Who should complete this Child Attention skill Observational Checklist?

The checklist can be completed by a parent, carer or educator to determine an individual child’s attention skill level and profile.
Ideal for children:
•  Under 3 years or
• That are saying less than 50 words and/or not regularly using less than 4-5 words in a sentence and not regularly using at least 2 word sentences.
This Observational Checklist will be vital for you to complete if you would like to ensure your child’s attention skills are optimal for learning and for building speech skills.

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FOCUS On Attention Skills Observational Checklist

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