Pop, a magical character, and his friend Peppy the Balloon Character take Becky and Timmy on a exciting adventure to save the circus event! Watch with delight as the children reading the book bring the balloon charcters to life with their magic chants. This book however is so much MORE than a fun children’s story:

Encourages clear Speech:

The book cleverly teaches children how to say the “p sound” and then helps them practice  saying the sound with vowels (e.g., pee, par) and then in words (at the beginning, middle and end of words).

Great for chidlren that are not saying the “p” sound well (e.g., “pig” sounds like “big” or “cup” is said as “cu___”.

Encourages early reading skills: Do you want to get children ready for reading OR support early reading skills?

  1. Letter- sound matching: All the “P” letters throughout the book are bolded to emphasis that the letter “Pee” matches with the sound /p,p,p/.

  2. The book explicitly encourages visual matching of vowels and linking the vowel sounds with the written vowels. This saying vowels in syllables (e.g, por, pa) is a very important early reading skill that many early readers find can be a stumbling block.

  3. Repetitive lines such as  “ I cand see….” assists with sight word reading

  4. Use of pictures within sentences encourages reading success & improves visualisation of what children are reading – this helps with rading comprehension.

Comprehension Skills:

The story lists suggested questions to boost listening, memory & understanding of events.

Social Concepts:

The book also has  SOCIAL component too. Social skills are key to school success. As with all of our Top Talk books, the book encourages the child and the adult partner to interact! The magic only works if children say the spells out aloud!

So this book grows from an early talker book to Grade 3-4 reading skills – ALL In one BOOK!

Pop has parent Tips thoughout th book for extra suggestions on how to boost speech, language and literacy.

Available in Hard Copy or Electronic version for you to keep.