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Mentoring Opportunity

Provision of Mentoring and /or clinical supervision of Postgraduate Research Studies.

Dr McMahon, Speech Pathologist, PhD offers the opportunity to establish a Mentoring arrangement with graduate speech pathologists. In addition, Dr McMahon may offer clinical Supervision of Post-graduate students in Speech Pathology and other Professions where the research projects are linked to areas of early childhood development, feeding concerns in infants & children or service provision. 

Numbers are very strictly limited, however and interested people should initially email their interest to info@speechnet.com.au or call the clinic on 07 3349 9234. Decisions to establish such arrangements, level of commitment and possible fee for service arrangements are consequently negotiated on a case-by-case basis between both parties.

Why seek a Mentor?

The business & professional world, have embraced the provision of mentoring external to the employee’s workplace due to many benefits that have been identified by such arrangements.    Speech Pathology Australia emphasise that:

“mentoring involves a relationship in which the mentor, usually a more experienced individual, works closely with the protégé for the purposes of teaching, guiding, supporting and facilitating the professional growth and development of a colleague” (Taylor, 1992, p48). Arrangements are for the purpose of guidance, facilitation of skill enhancement & support – they are not supervisory arrangements. The purpose is to guide and assist the mentee to reflect on ways to determine options open to them rather than providing direct ‘answers”.

“(mentoring is) a complex, interactive process occurring between individuals of differing levels of experience and expertise which incorporates interpersonal and career development.”  (Wunsch, 1993, p353). Dr McMahon, believes the mentoring arrangement is a two-way process. The mentee provides open and honest information/ insights and the mentor provides respectful, confidential & objective reflection from a perspective outside the place of employment of the individual.

Why Dr Sandra McMahon, Speech Pathologist, PhD may be able to offer Mentoring Support to you:

Dr McMahon team of speech pathologists have regular formal and informal case scenario discussions and mini-updates of topics clinically pertinent to the team. Mentees have the opportunity to skype into these fortnightly discussions in order to obtain the clinical collegial support perhaps otherwise not available e.g., due to the work settings (e.g., sole speech pathologists) or rural/remote positions.

Dr McMahon, Speech Pathologist, PhD extensive clinical and research experience places her in an ideal position to provide mentoring to enthusiastic Speech Pathologists or students. Dr McMahon’s experience includes:

  • Completing a PhD in Early Speech. Language and Literacy in 2-4 yr. old Children
  • Director of a Speech Pathology Service in a Metropolitan tertiary hospital,
  • provision of early intervention services in community based services
  • Lecturer in Speech Pathology at University Level (Areas included Paediatric Assessment, Treatment, Feeding & Literacy)
  • Has established, managed and is the senior speech pathologist of a successful multi-therapist interdisciplinary private practise
  • Has been the clinical supervisor of successful PhD students and several Master and Honour Speech Pathology students
  • Has initiated, completed and published research in several areas including early speech & language development (late talkers) & later literacy issues, twins & higher multiple birth children, management of waiting lists and mentoring support to rural allied health, feeding difficulties in children, adolescents with language issues,
  • Extensive clinical experience, research & publications in the areas of infant and child feeding difficulties.
  • Has chapters in speech pathology text books


Please contact Dr McMahon for further information or discussion of mentoring services offered

Contact Details:

Phone number: (07) 3349 9234

Email: info@speechnet.com.au

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