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Online Programs

Our online Parent Programs are primarily aimed at parents however they are also extremely beneficial for

A)      Speech Pathology students, relatively new graduates or simply those that want to update or boost their skills for late talking clients.

B)      Child Care & Kindergarten teachers and aids

C)      Play group or Special Need Group Facilitators

D)     Any allied health or other professionals working in the early childhood sector

The Online program provide summaries of key learning pre-speech areas essential for therapy sessions. Great for ideas on how to explain concepts to parents and ideas of specific activities you can use in your sessions or centre. Also has home practise ideas to send home with families to use at home, when traveling, out & about, at meal-times and bed-times. The “Sharing Activities” section provided ready make ideas to direct to other family members or are ideal for care & educational facilities (play groups, CCC).

It is jam packed with videos of Dr Sandra McMahon, clinical and research Speech Pathologist, PhD providing information sessions and videos of her working directly with clients as examples of how to conduct the activities demonstrated in the programs.

Online programmes include online assessment/screen tools that you can direct clients to purchase as online assessment.  The information from these will be invaluable to your planning for individual children. You can personally see and use the assessments when you the purchase the online programs for the period of the programme subscription. Alternatively, you can direct parents to purchase the individual assessments.

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