Mr Tongue eBook

        A book that encourages children to FOCUS on imitation of tongue & lip movements - Ideal foundation skills for speech, language & eating.  

Why Should Parents Use Mr Tongue eBook? How it works to boost babble & speech!


FOCUSING on tongue and lip movements will increase a child's awareness of their tongue and lip movements. This e-book works as it is a fun story that entices the children to copy a range of tongue movements. Tongue movements and coordination of these movements are crucial to speech development and clarity. Awareness of tongue movements can assist when directions are given to encourage imitation of correct speech sounds (e.g, tongue up behind your teeth for the /s/ sound - not between your teeth). The book works as it FOCUSes more on the child learning to copy tongue and mouth movements more than the "tongue exercises" themselves. Children may copy you clapping or waving but this book teaches children to copy movements at the mouth level. This can help in developing the pre-speech skill of oral & sound imitation. Social skills can be boosted as well as children are encouraged to look at faces, tongue and lips which can build  eye contact. An increased general awareness of tongue & lips movements can also help the pre-speech skill of "attention" as turn-taking is embedded into the copying routines embedded in the story telling.  


​While research has shown that non-speech oral motor movements does not directly assist in building the tongue and lip movements needed to say specific sounds in words (Ygual-Fernandez& Cervera-Merida, 2016; Russcello, 2008), we know imitation at the mouth level is an important developmental step.  Infants' language exposure largely involves face-to-face interactions. Children use listening, visual speech cues (watching your mouth as you talk) as well as social cues to learn to communicate with others. Infants' audio-visual speech perception is linked with later vocabulary size, suggesting a lasting effect on language development. (Alvater-Mackensen N & Grossmann T. 2015).


Mr Tongue acts like a gym session for your child's mouth! Through a fun story it delivers full mouth "exercises" for the lips, tongue and mouth.  Children become aware of the different parts of the mouth - lips, teeth, tongue. Teaching the vocabulary of the facial body parts along the way! A range of co-ordinated tongue and lip movements are need for clear speech development and mature biting and chewing skills. For fussy eaters, this ebook provides a fun way to focus on the mouth and tongue movements of eating outside of the stress of meal-times. Poor oral movements (e.g, not being able to put the tongue to the side towards the back teeth area), can lead to fussy eating and coughing on foods.


This eBook will help you FOCUS on developing pre-speech skills and tongue & mouth movements needed for speech development, communication and eating skills.  Through auditory and visual cues children are also learning vocabulary, imitation skills, turn-taking skills and social skills. Young children love you reading this book with them as they have so much fun making the funny tongue and face movements with YOU. Remember, even if your child doesn't copy the movements at first, just getting them to watch you do the movements and looking at the girl in the story doing the movements, will increase their awareness of the how to make the much needed tongue and lip movements.

Mr Tongue 

YOUR  Interactive eBook
tongue and lip movements
There is a picture of a child making the requested tongue and lip movements so that children can imitate both the adult doing the movement and picture cues 
Speech Story
Mr Tongue encourages children to use visual cues & Imitation skills at the mouth level.. so important for babble and speech development!
speech therapy resource
Mr Tongue helps build  social focus on faces
Mr Tongue book
A boot camp for the mouth. Start exercising today to increase your child's focus on the range of mouth movements +speed + coordination of movements needed for speech.  
Mr Tongue ebook
Mr Tongue is a fun ebook to encourage parent - child interactions! 
MEET Dr Sandra McMahon PhD.

Dr McMahon B.App.Sc (Sp Path.) PhD, MSPA, CPSP has helped literally hundreds of toddlers meet their full potential and conducted innumerable highly acclaimed parent training workshops and presentations. She is highly sort both clinically for intervention services and as a parent consultant for prevention and optimisation of child development.Dr McMahon initially worked in South Australia’s Children’s Services Office providing support to children in Child Care Centres & Kindergartens. This included extensive direct clinical work with young children as well as consultative services to Educational Staff in relation to planning for communication & learning of pre-school children.Her wealth of clinical knowledge continued to expand upon taking the position of Director of Speech Pathology of a major Metropolitan Tertiary Hospital (Royal Children’s Hospital, Brisbane) where she combined direct clinical practise, research and administrative advocacy to ensure the best practise for children & their families attending the Brisbane Hospital & Community Health Centres in the region. Dr McMahon worked and over saw speciality clinics such as the Children’s Head Injury Unit, Neonatal Intensive Care & the Developmental Clinic (Autism, Dyspraxia, Developmental Delay, and Cerebral Palsy).Upon completion of her PhD in the areas of early communication and literacy development of 2-4 year old children she took up a University Lecturer position in these areas.Dr McMahon currently is the Director of Speech Pathology of the SpeechNet Speech Pathology & Learning Centre in Brisbane. This is a state of the Art Multi-disciplinary Allied Health Clinic supporting children & their families in the 0-18 year range. In addition to one-on-one clinical services (in-clinic & via Skype), her passion to support more families has led to the development of the Pop & Top Language & Social Group Programs; and more recently a suite of Online Parent courses & resources. The TODDlER TALK eProgram for parents is the culmination of all her experience and knowledge consolidated into an easily accessible format for parent and Educators of young children.Further Dr McMahon presents at National and International Conferences, State wide seminars (Children Reflux, Multiple Birth Association) and is a frequent invited presenter for several organisations. Most noteworthy Dr McMahon has a large range of scientific publications & book chapters from original research in the areas of Speech, Language & Literacy Development.

 Are you looking for a book that will help develop your child's mouth movements? 

Speech Therapy tongue exercises

Mr Tongue can help increase the power, rate,range & accuracy of tongue movements.

Tongue movements for speech therapy

Mr Tongue encourages the development of voluntary control & muscle awareness of mouth movements used for speech. 


Mr Tongue makes learning Fun!

 Are you ready to get tongues wagging!  

Mr Tongue eBook 

Tongue story for speech therapy
Find out how to develop your child's mouth movements used for speech.


Tongue story encourages tongue movements

Mr Tongue Story encourages tongue movements important in eating and talking

Mr Tongue is fun!


Mr Tongue Stroy speech pathologist resource
Easy to use!


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