Diagnosis and Treatment of ALL communication, literacy & Feeding Difficulties in infants to adolescents.

Optimisation of children’s potential. We do not just help children with “problems”.  Services are for all children. Parent online boot camps and Pop & Top Groups ensure Parents are empowered with a bag of techniques that they can use to interact with your babies and young children to optimise early development. FOUNDATIONS are what later skills are built on –  Oral language is key for reading and academic success.

The literature clearly indicates

  • the importance of early communication development for later academic and social success as well as for development of self-confidence and self-esteem!
  • that due to the plasticity in a young child’s brain, optimum input for children well before the age of 5-6 years is paramount in order for your child to reach their full potential and beyond!
Remediation, Promotion and Prevention is achieved through striving for:

  • Excellence in the quality of our FLEXIBLE and VARIED Services,
  • Team Approach: Parents are considered vital members of the developmental team to ensure the best outcomes for your child’s remediation or general development.

Our professional links with a range of health professionals and Medial GPs and Specialists adds additional reassurance that the child is considered a “whole” person and not just a “communication” difficulty.