Big W Free Books  PLUS FREE Teaching & Talking Tips Download Printables

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Big W is giving away FREE Books for 12 weeks to help impact childhood literacy.  To help boost the impact even further SpeechNet is offering FREE Teaching and Talking Tips downloads for each FREE book.  

Big W Free Books Plus Free Teaching and Talking Tips Download Printables

What is inside each Teaching & Talking Tips Download Printable?

  • Each Teaching & Talking Tips Download is written in our unique FOCUS SYSTEM Format (What is our FOCUS SYSTEM? See below!)
  • Each download is broken down into two levels:
    • 1) Boosting Early Words & Ideas for UNDER 24 MONTHS & LATE TALKERS
    • 2) Boost Speech, Language, Literacy & Cognitive Development from 24 MONTHS to PRIMARY SCHOOL
  • In these downloads you will receive pages++ of information and tips broken down into an easy to read and understand format that will inspire you with ideas that you can put into practice today.
  • Use these Teaching and Talking Tips while reading. The download helps boost speech, language and literacy skills while reading

Children's Books Educational Resources 

Visit this page each week to download all the FREE Teaching & Talking Tips Printables as they are released!

Teaching & Talking Tips: 

Hush Little Possum by P. Crumble

Hush Little Possum Educational Resource


Teaching & Talking Tips: 

If You're Happy and You Know It! by P. Crumble

If your happy and you know it Educational Resource


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Teaching & Talking Tips:

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle 

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Educational Resource


Teaching & Talking Tips:

Where's My Teddy by Jex Smith

Where's My Teddy Free Educational Resource


What is our Unique FOCUS SYSTEM?
What is our unique FOCUS System

Each letter of the Word "FOCUS" refers to an aspect of communication that is important for communication & learning development.

FOCUS as a word was chosen as itself encompasses what we want carers to do.  We want carers to learn the key ​strategies that help them to "FOCUS" on developing their child's communication and language development at all ages and stages of learning. 


The "F" in FOCUS

Simply refers to the over all goals.  That is, the "focus" is on communication and it's importance.  One or more key learning goals will be identified as the focus for each product or service.


The "O" in FOCUS

It is important that parents and carers Observe children to help determine the child's "strengths and the potential areas that may benefit from a boost". The "O" for observe also means we need to help a child's ability to observe the things, people and actions in their everyday environment so that  skill at observing the things they see and hear in their environments.  That is, the "Observe" concept encompasses factors that help the carers and child FOCUS on developing Speech and Language at the correct level for their present skills and modelling one level above.  

communication speech and language skills

The "C" in FOCUS

Draws attention to the verbal and non-verbal pragmatics or "use" of communication. The "C" in way refers to the Conversation between people.  It Helps carers develop and boost Social & Self-esteem Skills in children.

Understanding speech and language

The "U" in FOCUS

Puts the FOCUS on Understanding skills - receptive language skills.  Areas that may be highlighted could include: Receptive vocabulary, concept development - logical reasoning, attention skills, following instructions, Blank level of questions, auditory and visual memory skills, 

Speech and Language

The "S" in FOCUS

Concepts encompassed in this letter involve speech sound development, oro-motor skills, expressive language skills (eg., saying sentences).  

The unique FOCUS™ system is at the heart of all our Online Programs, Printables, Books & Apps. It is based on state of the art research and knowledge, and is only available through SpeechNet.

​Specific F, O, C, U, and S components appropriate for each stage of development have been developed in detail by Dr Sandra McMahon, Speech Pathologist, PhD for all of our products.   These have been systematically developed by synthesising the research and knowledge regarding milestones expected at each stage of development, and methods and techniques known to enhance and optimise development of communication at the different ages and stages. See our Online Programs, Printables, Apps and more in our SpeechNet Shop. Pop & Top beautifully illustrated Sound Adventure books are also available for sale at our Shop.

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