Parenting Programs for Late Talkers: Focus On Toddler Talk- Starter Pack

Start Teaching Your Toddler To Talk Today!

A Comprehensive Speech Therapy Based Program that Helps Develop Toddlers Talking & Learning Skills - From First Words to Long Sentences!
What's in the Program?
  •  Video Tutorials: Step-by-step tutorials with video examples & explanations from Dr Sandra McMahon, Speech Pathologist PhD.
  • Video Demonstrations: Shows actual speech therapy sessions of the games and activities delivered at 3 different ability levels
  • Resources: Provides worksheets, printables, information printouts, scripts +++
  • Milestone Checklists:  Find out where your child's speech and language skills are at for each skill area so you can target the correct level in each program.
  • Maintaining & Sharing Skills:  Additional games and activities focused on each program level (share these with Childcare, Playgroups & Family)
Who's the Program for?
  • Parents & Educators ​of-
  • Typically developing toddlers
  • Late talkers
What You'll Learn
2 Comprehensive Programs in 1
  • Program 1. FOCUS ON TALKING SKILLS: Learn what skills are important to boost speech and language for your child's development.  Find out if your child has all the pre- speech skills needed for speech development.  Learn specific techniques to boost and develop these skills.  
  • Program 2. MATCHING YOUR CHILD'S SPEECH: Learn techniques to match your speech to your child's vocabulary, gestures & sound level to Sky Rocket Talking Skills.

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Dr Sandra McMahon, Speech Therapist PhD

A SPEECH THERAPY BASED PROGRAM written by a leading Speech Therapist to equip YOU with the techniques needed to help develop speech, language & literacy in toddlers. 

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An Ultimate Guide to Teaching Toddlers To Talk 

From First Words to Long Sentences

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