Reading to Babies!


reading to babies


Reading to babies is more about the INTERACTION you are having with the baby than the actual baby books themselves!

Tips for Parents when Reading Baby Books to Babies!

Reading to Babies Tip 1

​ Reading to babies a variety of baby books should be part of your DAILY routine – just like baths and feeding are part of your daily routine!

  • Have a bath baby book in the bath
  • Have baby books hooked on the pram – show it to them while you are waiting around
  • Have baby books in different spots around the house e.g. next to cot, next to the lounge,
  • Set up your routine to include BOOK reading e.g., after a feed when they are not sleeping but content you can look at a page or two in a book; snuggle time after a bath; look at a baby book before the nap-time/ bedtime feed.
  • Each family’s routine is different but ensure a book reading time is SCHEDULED into your routine. This helps it to become just what you do naturally and babies can feel comforted by routines.
reading to babies

Reading to Babies Tip 2

Keep the baby book reading time SHORT – 1-2 pages – don’t focus on “finishing” a book.

reading to babies

Reading to Babies Tip 3

Don’t worry about saying each word on a page every time – repeat just the name of the item or action it does! Use a fun, sing-song voice to keep your baby focusing on your voice. This focus on your voice is the basis of learning the meaning of words and learning to talk.

reading to babies

Reading to Babies Tip 4

Expect and allow them to explore the baby books –Yes this means let them “taste” the book! We expect babies to bring the corners of the books to their mouths, bang on them, not let you or only want you to turn the pages. At this age, this is all OK. Choose durable books so you don’t have to worry about them tearing pages – baby board books, bath baby books, clothe books.

reading to babies

Reading to Babies Tip 5

Choose the baby books well – BIG pictures (e.g., on picture to a page), durable, different sensory books (ones with squeaky toys or noise buttons embedded into the pages, feeling books with different textures, include small light books they can start to reach fore.

reading to babies

Reading to Babies Tip 6

Enjoy the special time together!

reading to babies

Focus On Objects eBook

Children's books

Children's Books: Focus On Objects

A children's book that talks at your child's speaking level and grows with them!

     Parents without the skills of adapting books to the language level of a specific child may loose the child's FOCUS and the child's opportunity to learn from the story. If a story is delivered at a language level that is too high or too low for the child to fully engage in or learn from story. The book has 4 levels that you can read to them OR Dr Sandra McMahon, Speech Pathologist's voice over can be provided with a push of a button. This means the children can listen over and over. They see the words grow into sentences and have the words read for them. Great for early reading skills too!

​     This eBook is actually spoken by Dr Sandra McMahon to coach you on how to change the words, the tone and the intonation of what you are reading. This eBook is delivered at 4 different levels: Children with No Words, Children with Some Words, Children with 2-3 Word Sentences & Children Developing Longer Sentences. The book grows with your child.

Sandra McMahon

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