FaCHSIA Autism & Better Start

Pop & Top is the lead agency for the Pop & Top Consortium for the Early Intervention for Autism and the Better Start funding packages. These packages are available from the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services & Indigenous Affairs (FaCHSIA).

Speech Therapy for Children with Autism.  SpeechNet Speech Pathology offers individual assessments (from Diagnosis to reviews) for children with Autism. Speech therapy treatment for children with autism includes individual services at our clinic, at home or in schools. Our Pop & Top language and social skills groups offer social environments for generalisation of skills. SpeechNet speech pathologist have extensive experience with children with autism. Our services are provide support to achieve spoken langauge skills, attention & focus, social skills and alternative communication systems (from PECS to ipad systems).

 Speech Therapy for Children with Down’s Syndrome and other Better Start eligible conditions. SpeechNet and the other allied health services on site (Occupational therapy & Psychology) provides a range of services for children with Down’s syndrome. We currently provide services to a large number of children with Down’s syndrome from toddlers to school age children.
To determine your child’s eligibility for these funding packages contact FaCHSIA (www.fahcsia.gov.au). Requirements include that your child has an official diagnosis by a Medical Specialist  other than a GP (e.g. Paediatrician) and they are under the age of 7 years of age.
The Early Intervention for Autism is available to children with a diagnosis of:  *Autism Disorder  *Asperger’s Disorder Syndrome  *Rett’s Disorder *Childhood Disintegrative Disorder *Pervasive Developmental Disorder – Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS).
The Better Start Funding is available to children with a diagnoses including: *Down syndrome *cerebral palsy *Fragile X syndrome, *a moderate or greater vision or hearing impairment, including deaf blindness *Prader Willi syndrome *Williams syndrome *Angelman syndrome *Kabuki syndrome *Smith-Magenis syndrome *CHARGE syndrome *Cornelia de Lange syndrome *‘Cri du Chat syndrome * microcephaly.
All services offered by SpeechNet and Pop & Top can be claimed on the FaHSCIA funding. Members of the Pop & Top Consortium includes Pop & Top – Language & Social Skills Groups                        (07) 3349 9234 SpeechNet Private Speech Pathology                                     (07) 3349 9234 Feeding Difficulties                                                                          (07) 3349 9234 Sarah Littman, Child Psychologist                                          (07) 3349 9234 Katy Berzorovsky, Occupational Therapist                         (07) 3349 9234   Angela Cheers , Occupational Therapist (Camp Hill)          0403 001 766 Caitlin Taggart, Occupational Therapist (Capalaba)           0432 961 953 Andrea Hollands, Speech Pathology (Sheldon)                  (07) 3206 3833 Cooee Speech Pathology (Geebung)                                         0419 758 313 Doreen Westley, Child Psychologist (Manly West )          (07) 3396 5033