Services – Home and School Visits

Speech-Language Pathology Services in Homes and Schools OR Child Care Centres can be a great alternative to in-clinic services when:

- You cannot get to before or after school appointments?

- You are worried taking them out of school will cause disruptions

- Juggling work, other children or all your commitments makes it hard to take them out of school or Child Care to Attend Appointments

- You feel support within the school or child care setting is what they need

Then SpeechNet Speech Pathology school or child-care Centre based services can be an excellent alternative to attending in-clinic appointments

SpeechNet Individual and Pop & Top Groups services can all be offered in Schools, Child Cares, Organisation premises and Home sites.

See further information on steps to take to get school speech therapy services started and information for teachers.​

What Services can be offered in SCHOOLS AND CHILD CARE CENRES?

SpeechNet Individual services to  Schools & Child Cares include:

  • One off Assessments for single children
  • Assessment Blocks – e.g., several children are assessed on the one day/ time period
  • Regular treatment sessions eg weekly or fortnightly
  • Term blocks
  • School Groups e.g., phonological awareness groups to help reading skills

Pop & Top Group Services can include:

All our groups can be conducted in schools and Child Care Centres. Most centres ask us to run the groups for a Term or for a 6-week block. Our most popular groups in Child Care Centres are our Late Talker, School.

Please contact our office to discuss your needs with us. Times are subject to availability of clinicians and locations. In order to provide services in schools and child care centres both parents and the schools must agree to the services. Times will be negotiated to best suit the schools and child care centres. l readiness & Social Skills Groups.

In schools our most popular are our Social Skills Groups as well as custom developed groups depending on the needs of the children at the school (e.g., Phonological Awareness Groups for children requiring extra support for early reading skills).

What services can be offered in the HOME?

All assessments and regular treatment sessions can be offered in the home. Please contact our office to discuss your needs with us. Times are subject to availability of clinicians and locations.

Workshops & Seminars for Educational  & Care Staff

  • Education Staff/ Learning Support Staff: Please contact our office to discuss your sites particular needs. We can negotiate packages depending on the schools needs and can include:
  • Speech Pathology services on a contract basis (i.e, a Speech Pathologist is contracted for a half or whole day at a school for a Term or Semester and the school can work with the speech pathologist to provide services as needed eg screens, assessments, treatments, staff talks). This can work out to be very economical for schools and parents.
  • Individual children or blocks  – the more children requiring services at one site reduces the cost per assessment/treatment session. Groups can be conducted for a set number of weeks or as term-by-term basis.
  • Screens – prices will vary depending on numbers and areas of need requiring screens.
  • Staff Presentations – we can taylor staff  or parent invoices as needed.

All parents must give permission for their child to be seen prior to speech pathologist seeing the child.  Paper work including Parent Consent Forms will be provided to the schools on agreement of the services required.

What other sites can you offer services?

If you are involved in an organisation that requires Speech Pathology support please contact us to discuss your needs. We regularly provide services to children supported by other organisations eg Family Services. Pop & Top groups can be conducted for a specific parent group or organisation (eg a group of nursing mums, multiple birth association groups etc, Teenage Parent Groups) either at our sites or at yours.

Groups are generally organised for 1 day per week for a block (e.g., 6 weeks or a school term) and requires a minimum of 6 participating children. We require a child friendly environment that is large enough for small group activities. Costing is negotiated depending on the number of children, location and length of contract.