Skype/ telemedicine

Skype speech Therapy will allow us to provide you with quality services when you cannot reach the services  your child needs. Skype allows you to reach the type and experience your looking for. Our skype speech therapy supports children with feeding difficulties, speech clarity concerns, difficulties with reading and spelling, stuttering. Call us if you cannot access the services you need so we can discuss the possiblities with you. This is a speech pathology service where appointment times are booked and families are contacted via skype at the appointed time. Home practice is them emailed to the families at the end of the session. We can also skype into meetings or school services if needed.

Who is Skype Speech Therapy services for?

We are very excited about providing flexible services for parents that are unable to attend a clinic due to distance or family circumstances. Our speech therapy services for children are for children 0-18 years.

Of course not all speech, language and feeding difficulties are appropriate for this type of service. Consequently, it is best to give us a call to discuss your needs.

The success of this type of service is dependent on the child. We consider the child’s age,  willingness to “work” at a computer screen and  the therapy goals.

Also see our Online line parent courses and resources in our SpeechNet shop for focused techniques and video training available to parents for in home support.

How does Skype Speech Therapy work?

Contact our clinic on 07 3349 9234 and tell our friendly reception staff that you are interested in skype services. An appointment time with a Speech Pathologist will be booked. This can be a phone call or a skype session to obtain background information and areas of concerns. We often email basic forms so that this process can be completed smoothly.

Our therapists have been trained to make the sessions fun to keep the children engaged. Depending on the age of the child, we may ask for parents he help us out.

Send a Booking Appointment or Email via our links below.