Speech Pathology in Schools and Child Care Centres.

SpeechNet Speech Pathology in schools and Child Care Centres can be offered in the Brisbane Metropolitan and Springfield Lakes regions for all communication and feeding areas including: speech clarity, language difficulties, fluency, literacy and social skills. Skype services can be provided for speech therapy in schools and child care centres outside of these regions. School and Child Care Centre Services can be for one child at a school or for several children per school visit. Discounted rates apply when a minimum of three students per school visit is required for this service.

CONTACT US FOR MORE INFO or Download & Email our School /Centre Referral Form

Speech Therapy in Schools and Child Care Centres can vary depending on need.

A parent or school staff member can initiate services. Contact us today to discuss your needs. Options can include:

1) One off assessment or screen services at a centre/school. See more below

2) Regular therapy for a block of time (e.g., fortnightly for a term). See more below

3) A regular half or full day service provided within the school setting on a contract basis    

4) Regular Skype services offered. See more below.

5) Staff or parent workshops on pre-determined topics. See more below

How to get child Speech Therapy in Schools and Child Care Centres  STARTED.

Download our INFORMATION BROCHURE FOR SCHOOLS OR CHILD CARE CENTRES. This has the relevant information and REFERRAL FORM to initiate centre based services.

Steps to take to intiate Centre based services:

1. Parents, teachers or Directors identify if a child may require speech pathology input. 

3. Download the Speech Therapy in Schools & Child Care Brochure and Referral Form. A parent or carer then fills in the form/s. Alternatively call SpeechNet and discuss your service needs. 07 3349 9234.

4. The referral form is emailed to info@speechnet.com.au

5. A member of the SpeechNet Speech Pathology team will contact the parent or carer to arrange an appointment.

Contact with the parent is made prior to the initial contact. This may be that the parent attends the initial consult/assessment at the school or at one of our clinics where we can meet with parents, and discuss concerns face to face. Phone or Skype services can be utilized for this if preferred/required.

Once the initial consult has been completed, a day is arranged for ongoing therapy at school/ centre during business/ school hours.

Important Information for Speech Therapy in Schools or Child Care Centres.

Parents of ALL children must give written permission BEFORE any services are provided to an individual child at a school or centre. See the Referral form Download above.

Similarly, all schools or Centres must give us permission to provide services at their site.


Generally, SpeechNet will invoice parents directly for speech therapy in Child Care Centres and School services unless other arrangements are made with the particular site.

Pre purchase therapy sessions for each term or a credit card details are supplied and services are credited to the accounts on a fortnightly basis upon attendance. Cancellation fees appropriate for all of SpeechNet services are utilised ie it is the parent’s responsibility to inform the therapist if a child will be unavailable for an arranged appointment.​

Up to 2 unattended sessions due to illness or school events will be credited to be utilised for the following term if a pre-purchase option is chosen. If extraordinary circumstances arise utilisation of remaining amounts can be delayed to a date that suits the family.

If schools/ centres are paying for services then the cost and payment of services will be negotiated on a case by case basis with that school. Costs will reflect the number and extent of the services required.


All funding options available for in-clinic services are available for school/ centre based services

Private health: Parents generally pay privately for speech pathology, and may be eligible to access some rebates through their private health insurance fund depending on their level of cover.

Medicare Rebates: Ask your GP about referring your child to SpeechNet Speech Pathology under an Enhanced Primary Care plan, which is also known as a Chronic Disease Management plan. If deemed eligible by your GP, your child may be able to access Medicare rebates for up to 5 therapy sessions. The rebate for each session is approximately $50. Helping children with Autism Medicare payments may also be used.

Other sources: All funding options such as NDIS, HCWA, Better start can be used.

Call out Fees: Fees may apply to school visits and this will vary slightly depending on the location of the school centre/ number of children to be seen during each visit and if there is contract within the school or not.

A heavy discount is passed onto the school when a school contracts a SpeechNet Therapist for a minium of 4 children per half day session for block contracts. They do not have to be the same chidlren each week. This ensures the school has a speech pathologist on site to become part of the school’s team. This can either be by arrangement for payment via the school or can continue to be parent pay basis where SpeechNet will bill and manage parent invoices.

For the last 3 years SpeechNet has been providing a 2 day services at a P-12 school on the southside and a 1.5 day a week service at a school on the Northside. We also have staff specfically allocated to NUMEROUS centre / school services in the Brisbane Metropolitation region and the Springfield Lakes areas. The longeviiy of these services are testimony to our experience in this type of service.

Parents or School staff can contact us at anytime with questions. 

One off assessment or screening services from SpeechNet Speech Pathologists in Schools and Child Care Centres

Contact SpeechNet to discuss needs for one -off assessment or consulting services.

Free Screenings at centres are offered from time to time. For other screens prices can range from $10.00 per child to $50 per child depending on the type of screening requested and number of children. A brief proforma of skills are provided for all children screened. A full assessment includes the provision of a summary report. If school programmes are required costs will be discuss on a case by case basis.

Requests can be made by Downloading the School / Centre Information Brochure & Referral form. Rather than giving a child’s name indicate the type of service you are requiring. Or contact us by phone or email to discuss your needs.

Regular speech therapy for a block of time (e.g., fortnightly AT SCHOOL for a term).

Contact SpeechNet to discuss needs. The parent and the school must give permission for on-site services to be provided. See DOWN LOAD OF SCHOOL/CENTRE BROCHURE. Email brochure to info@speechnet.con.au

A child generally requires an assessment before treatment services can be offered. If recent assessments (within 3-6months) cannot be provided, an initial consult generally is required. This will be discussed before services are started with the paying party.

Times are negotiated between the therapist, parent and school. All efforts are made to ensure regular slots are maintained. It is up to the parent to inform the therapist if the child is unable to attend an appointment. No notification can result in a cancellation fees being charged.

Email contact is made with the familes after each session and any home / school practise activities are also emailed. A school representative eg teacher is also provided with the goals/ weeks therapy activities to ensoure consistency and reinforcement of skills can occur. Paerents / teachers are welcome to contact the therapist to schedule phone contact at any time if required.

A regular half or full day speech therapy service provided within the school setting on a contract basis

This is negotiated primarily with a school representative. If a parent or group of parents feel this is something that would be beneficial to their children within the school their children attend, we encourage you to discuss and pass on SpeechNet details to the Principal, Director or Learning Support representative.

We welcome schools and centres to discuss you needs with us. Invoicing for services is usually directly communicated to parents. Some school provide funding for services in which case the School/ Centre will be billed directly. The school / Centre would need to provide a quiet space or area for services to be conducted if they are not classroom based services.

Email contact is made with the familes after each session and any home / school practise activities are also emailed. A school representative eg teacher is also provided with the goals/ weeks therapy activities to ensoure consistency and reinforcement of skills can occur. Paerents / teachers are welcome to contact the therapist to schedule phone contact at any time if required.

Regular Skype services offered to school/centres.

For school or Centres not in the Brisbane region, Skype services can be arranged. There is a requirement for there to be an adult (parent, teacher, aide) available at the school/ centre end to act as the child’s support and for safety reasons. If required materials are emailed prior to the appointed session. The SpeechNet School/ Centre Brochure and Referral Form Download can be used to initiate requests for skype services.

Skype /webnair parent or staff information services are also available.Staff or parent workshops on pre-determined topics

Staff or parent workshops on pre-determined speech and topics

These can be arranged from a case by case basis. Contact SpeechNet via info@speechnet.com.au or 07 3340 0234 to discuss your needs. Costs of such inservices are dependent on length of presentation, areas to be covered, location of presentations and number of participants.

Commonly presented topics / presentations:

When to refer to a Speech Pathologist

· Link between Speech and Reading

Ages and stages of speech and language development – how to prevent and help development.

Topic specific: receptive language, phonological awareness, helping late talkers, twin speech