Speech Therapy Recommended Toys

Speech Therapy Recommended Toys For Children of All Ages and Needs.

Learning for children and adults occurs best when you are interested and having FUN! Speech therapist tools are TOYS!  Speech therapist use toys in their speech therapy sessions and Speech Therapists recommend specific toys depending on the interest of the child and skills they are helping children to boost!  Here are lots of links to toys frequently used and recommended by speech therapists to boost babbling, speech clarity, first words, language, cognition and reading/spelling skills.  

Speech Therapy Toy Recommendations for Toddlers, Preschoolers and Children Late to Talk

teaching number vocabulary


Great for active kids - action words - rolling, falling, standing up. Colours and Names - the yellow one, the one with red stripes, the cow one! Grab this toy and then download our Free Toy Tip Download for skittles - Great Speech Therapy recommended toy tips!

Speech therapy toy farm magnets

Farm Magnets

Any toys that involve Farms are frequently recommended by Speech Therapists - sound play, animal noises, make up stories of animals eating, and going to sleep & more! Magnets add a new dimension.

Farm house toy recommendation

Farm House with a Difference

This farm house has latches on the doors! Great for fine motor skills + encourages speech as they might need to ask for "help", "open", "close" + bonus animals for noises and FUN!

Speech Therapy Farm House with tractor

Farm House with Tractor

Great concept development as this farm house has "front" & "back" doors, "up" and "down" stairs, the fence can go "next to" the barn & the tractor can go "all around"!

Speech Therapy Toy Pop up Pirate

Pop Up Pirate

A classic game enjoyed by all! Great interactive toy that boost attention - waiting, waiting for Pirate to POP UP. (Pop - such an fun easy word to say for little people!).

Speech Therapy Game -Fishing

Fishing for Colours & Numbers

Fun Game that not only encourages colours & numbers but also turn-taking, practising the /f/ sound and the "sh" sound - common sounds children need help with.

Realistic Real Pictures of Fruit Magnets

Lovely real fruit pictures to build vocabulary! Pop them on the fridge and match them to the real thing! Speech Therapy Recommended Toys frequently include toys that represent "real things" children see everyday.

Animal Magnets

20+ beautiful animal magnets. Sort them into zoo and farm, make up stories as the animals play and move around!

Vehicle Magnets

Grab animals and the vehicle sets to work on grouping skills. This is an important pre-maths skill. Take the animals for a ride - The horse is riding on the plane; The lion is driving the car.

Phlat Ball

A fun pop up ball. Encourage cause and effect, waiting, early words (push, pop, up, put things on). Hours of fun!

Other Items:

Air Diffuser

Create an atmosphere of calm!

Vanilla Essence

Calming & Refreshing!

Bendable Spoons

Great for early self feeding. Self exploratory feeding leads to feeding success.

Spoutless Training Cup

These cups build the ideal tongue, lip, jaw and teeth involvement for cup drinking. Spouted cups require a sucking, rounded lips and often biting occurs on the spout. And BONUS, it is non-spill!

These links will direct you to Amazon. While they are affiliate links the main goal is to provide examples of the toys and materials recommended.

Sandra McMahon

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