What is the difference between SpeechNet and Pop & Top?

What is SpeechNet Speech Pathology?

SpeechNet Speech Pathology is a highly professional Pediatric Speech Pathology Practice that only works with children and adolescents. SpeechNet primarily provides traditional speech pathology services including diagnosing communication, reading/spelling & feeding difficulties and providing one-on-one treatment approaches to encourage remediation and management of the identified communication concerns. This includes in clinic treatment, development of home and school programs and tel-medicine approaches via skype. One-on-one treatment can be bi-weekly, weekly, fortnightly or monthly. This is determined in conjunction with the family and clinician to determine what will be most suitable for your child’s needs and the needs & commitments of the family.

What is Pop & Top – Language and Social Skills Groups?PopTop2withTaglinesamll

Pop & Top™ not only provides a group approach to remediation but also has a strong focus on PREVENTION and PROMOTION of early childhood development with a particular focus on communication, school readiness and Social Skills.

A central theme behind Pop & Top™ is to make learning FUN.  To ensure this, the Top Talk® Program is delivered through the world of Pop™ – the energetic man, and his zany Top.  In this way Pop™ becomes a learning anchor for children – “oh I learnt that from POP!!!”  He is a fun engaging imaginary character that “generates enough magic from spinning his top that all the materials need for a fun learning activity appears!!”  Each group session begins with the signing the Pop & Top song and the children saying his magic words as they spin a top.

The Top Talk® Program and the underlying FOCUS™ System (link to new page see below) were all developed by Dr Sandra McMahon PhD, a Brisbane based researcher, former academic and highly experienced clinician, whose primary area of interest is in early childhood communication development.

See the full list of our Pop & Top Group and On-line programs on our Services page. Pop & Top beautifully illustrated Sound Adventure books are also available for sale at our Shop.