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What is Telehealth

Telehealth is an effective method for delivering long-distance contact between a client and clinician. It enables a clinician to deliver effective and flexible online speech therapy services for parents that are unable to attend a clinic due to distance, family or situational circumstances.

Telehealth refers to the use of health-related online speech therapy services and information via telecommunication methods, such as Skype, zoom, home programs or phone review sessions. Professional and registered Speech Pathologists provide high quality online speech pathology services they typically provide in a clinical setting over the internet i.e., Telehealth Speech Pathology SpeechNet Services

telehealth online speech therapy

Is Speech Therapy Telehealth a new method of service delivery?

No, speech therapy telehealth is currently used for many Australian’s and international families. They have traditionally been particularly used for families living in remote and rural communities hence allowing them to access much needed allied health services. For example, although 30% of Australians live in rural areas, only 4.5% of Speech Pathologists provide services in those areas.

Our Telehealth provides a solution for people in rural communities to provide access to the services that they need. 

Although it is a relatively new way of delivering services, it is well researched. It has been shown to be an effective way to deliver allied health services such as speech pathology and occupational therapy.

At SpeechNet, 

we have been providing telehealth services for many years – for all children 0-18 years for all communication and feeding difficulties. We offer reliable, proven and quality speech pathology services to your child “over the internet”. We have many rural and remote Australian families that are part of our SpeechNet community and we feel very “close to them” thanks to telehealth.

Our telehealth services will enable us to provide you with quality services when you cannot reach the services your child need no matter what circumstances caused the need for “isolation”. This includes families living in the city but that cannot get to one of our clinics.

telehealth online speech therapy

What type of services can you deliver over telehealth?

SpeechNet can offer all services within our clinic services over telehealth. This includes all communication, learning, literacy (spelling, reading and writing), understanding, late talking, feeding, speech clarity, stuttering and twin therapy over telehealth. Our clinicians are experienced and currently deliver all services mentioned above for clients in regional and/or rural communities. We can offer flexible and reliable services with amazing outcomes for services. We use a wide variety of methods to ensure we are providing the right services to you and your child. These include:

  • Synchronous Telehealth Systems
  • Asynchronous Telehealth Systems
  • A Combination of Systems

This is where a video link is set up between the clinician and the child/parent. Therapy is delivered in “real time” as if “one-to-one” but at a distance. We can conduct assessments and treatment for most communication and feeding issues.

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My child is very active and won’t sit at a computer – I’m concerned that my child won’t sit at a computer

Here at SpeechNet we have been using telehealth services to provide delivery to some truly active regional/rural little clients. 

You’d be surprised at how good we are at keeping and getting the child’s attention over Skype! What we’ve seen is that using a computer is a novel way of learning for some individuals, so working through a computer, iPad or phone can increase their attention during the telehealth session! 

We have heaps of experience to help gain the child’s interest via the computer screen; but do you know it is still play with toys that gets the progress for the young ones. For the young and old we share games and activities between the clinician’s and child/parent’s home screen; and/or we demonstrate the activity and then the parent or carer tries it while the clinician is watching to give feedback and suggests to improve performance.

Don’t think of the child sitting at the computer

Think about it like we are sitting next to you guys as you play or interact with your child but it’s just our face and not our whole body. We can then “move” around with you if you are using a mobile device like a phone. We can even do sessions outside if you use a mobile device for young and active children.

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