Telehealth Speech Therapy Frequently Asked Questions Answered


Frequently Asked Questions – Telehealth / Virtual Sessions at SpeechNet Speech Pathology

See our Parent guide to setting up for telehealth Speech Pathology and our zoom and other technology for Telehealth blogs to see the easy steps to set up for your child’s telehealth assessment or therapy session.

Who can use telehealth?

Can telehealth be as good as face to face?

How much internet data will I use?

I’m trying to limit the technological exposure on my kids, I’m worried about adding more screen time, is this safe?

Are telehealth services paid for by private insurance, NDIS and/or Medicare?

How does this work for feeding/eating and drinking sessions?

My child is SO active I can’t see telehealth working.

I am trying to be the Mum, and sometimes I feel like I’m the teacher and so now do I have to be the Speech Pathologist as well?

What is the cost of the telehealth sessions?

How long will the sessions run for?

How will this work for my Early Intervention Services


Take a look for more specific information depending on the concerns for your child’s speech therapy development. Whatever services we have discussed in our Website we can provide in a telehealth or virtual session process. Give us a call to ask or book a session to see how it would work for you

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