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How to use telehealth zoom and other technology to conduct telehealth or virtual Speech Pathology Sessions with SpeechNet Speech Pathology

What devices can I conduct Telehealth or Virtual Speech Pathology Services.

SpeechNet telehealth Speech Therapy or virtual speech pathology services can use a variety of devices and Apps and this will depend on what you have available, what the goals of the sessions are and the “type” of telehealth speech pathology services deemed best for you and your child. See our “What is telehealth Guide” for all the different ways telehealth can work. Generally, you do not have to have any “special technology” at your end.

You will need: a phone, a laptop, a desktop OR an iPad with internet connections.


What is Zoom?

Sometimes we simply use Facetime, Video messenger, Whatts App or a simple phone call. However, there are a range of Apps and software programs that assist us to connect and interact with each other. is one such platform. Telehealth Zoom is available on both computers and mobile devices. There are many others such platforms such as Covoi, Theraplatform and Skype just to name a few. We prefer Zoom as it is available on both computers and mobile devices. It is simple to use. We email you a URL address and the simplest way is to just drop that into a browser and hit return. It will link you to us to get the session rolling!

There are Zoom Apps for Cloud Meetings and you can download the desktop app for both Windows and MacOS computers. This allows a few more features. To access the mobile app, you will have to download for cloud meetings for mobile and is available on both Android and iOS devices. 

The desktop app is available for both Windows and MacOS computers.

Are there any special features and how do I use them?

Telehealth Zoom has many features that are simple and easy to use. These include screen sharing, remote control access, chat, and virtual backgrounds. This means your child and your therapist can have a great time interacting when it is appropriate to do so. If you have not used these kinds of programs before DO NOT WORRY. Just link in with us and your therapist will certainly be able to talk you through all the needed features to be used with YOUR child. We have listed a few features below just for your information.


Screen Sharing

Screen sharing allows you to view the therapists screen live, and/or for your therapist to view your screen. This can be used for sharing and editing materials during the session.


Step 1 - Click Share Screen located in your meeting tool bar.

Telehealth Zoom


Step 2 - Select the screen you want to share then click Share


Screen Sharing Option Available -  Share Whiteboard

You can choose to share a whiteboard to draw/write on. You can even add pages to your whiteboard by selecting the [ +] button. You can both draw on the whiteboard at the same time through ‘remote-control access’ (below).


Screen Sharing Option Available - Select to share a portion of your screen


Screen Sharing Option Available - Select to share application windows and files

Remote-Control Access (during screen sharing)​

While your therapist is screen sharing, you can be permitted to remotely control their screen.


Step 1 -  While on screen share, click Request Remote Control located at the top.


Step 2 - Click Request to confirm.


Step 3 - Click inside the screen share to start controlling the participant's screen.


Step 4 - To stop remote control, click Give Up Remote Control at the top.



Chat allows you to send written messages and files during the video call.


Step 1 - While in a meeting, click Chat in the meeting controls.


Step 2 - This will open the chat on the right side of the screen. You can type a message into the chat box where it says ‘Type message here…’.


Step 3 - When new chat messages are sent to you or everyone, a preview of the message will appear, and Chat will flash orange in your host controls.

Chat - While Screen Sharing


Step 1 - While screen sharing, click More in the meeting controls. Choose Chat.


Step 2 -  A floating chat window will appear.


Step 3 -  If you receive new chat messages while screen share, the more button will flash orange to indicate the incoming message. You can click on More and select Chat to open the window.


Virtual Backgrounds

For themed sessions or to make things more fun, you can also select a virtual background. You can choose from the default options on your zoom screen or you can add a photo as your background.


Available Alternatives



Phone Review

Video Feedback

Parent Training

Home Programs.....


What if my audio is not working?

First, we can follow steps below to troubleshoot the problem. If your audio still isn’t working, we can give you a phone call and talk to you on speaker or through headphones.

  • Be sure your volume is not muted. This is a common cause for not being able to hear audio. Try not to touch the space bar as this can also temporarily mute your microphone (you can change this in Audio Settings.
  • Try to use a headset or speakers.
  • Close any open media players such as Spotify or Facebook, etc.
  • Click the tab next to microphone and select Audio Settings. Check your speaker and microphone volume and make sure that you have selected to automatically join audio.
  • Reboot your computer and try to play audio again.


What if my video is not working?

Poor video quality is generally attributable to a poor internet connection. Here are some basic steps that can improve the overall quality:

  • Use wired Ethernet instead of Wi-Fi if possible. Wi-Fi will work, but you may experience a lag and interference. Wired internet will give you a much smoother, more consistent experience.
  • Moving closer to or re-connecting to your router can help decrease the amount of lag or interference.
  • Close other programs and disconnect other (unnecessary) devices from router.


What if my internet drops out mid-session?

It is a good idea to check that you're connected to the fastest connection available prior to the session. If your connection does drop out, try the following:

  • Disable and then re-enable your network connection.
  • Reboot your device, if necessary, to restore connection.


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