Toddler Books 

Toddlers books can be the key to unleashing your child’s learning and social potential. A recent study even showed that by reading aloud more than two times a week is associated with higher cognitive or intelligence development scores in two-year-old children born preterm. Reading can assist in the early brain development essential for when they start school.

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toddler books
toddler books

How does reading Toddlers books help development?

During the Toddler period, we are wanting and expecting a huge jump in the number of words a child understands and says. Book reading has been shown to be an extremely important way of boosting this early word explosion in toddlers. There are so many wonderful toddler’s books available with a wide range of topics and stories. One research project showed that it is this wide exposure to pictures and words that helps cognitive development.

Toddler’s books allow the toddler to identify and know about things they would not be able to be exposed to during their everyday experiences. Children rarely if at all see real cows, tigers, tractors, rockets, fireman, kites, caterpillars etc. Toddlers books are therefore essential learning aide. What about TV and iPad. Fine if you are snuggled next to them pointing to pictures, naming the words, making the animal noise with them! Books encourage close interactions with adults which contributes to the proven success of the use of toddler books in early development.

Focus On Objects eBook

toddler books

Children's Books: Focus On Objects

A children's book that talks at your child's speaking level and grows with them!

     Parents without the skills of adapting books to the language level of a specific child may loose the child's FOCUS and the child's opportunity to learn from the story. If a story is delivered at a language level that is too high or too low for the child to fully engage in or learn from story. The book has 4 levels that you can read to them OR Dr Sandra McMahon, Speech Pathologist's voice over can be provided with a push of a button. This means the children can listen over and over. They see the words grow into sentences and have the words read for them. Great for early reading skills too!

​     This eBook is actually spoken by Dr Sandra McMahon to coach you on how to change the words, the tone and the intonation of what you are reading. This eBook is delivered at 4 different levels: Children with No Words, Children with Some Words, Children with 2-3 Word Sentences & Children Developing Longer Sentences. The book grows with your child.

Mr Tongue Story eBook

toddler books

Children's Books: Mr Tongue Story

A book that encourages children to FOCUS on imitation of tongue & lip movements - Ideal foundation skills for speech, language & eating.

     FOCUSING on tongue and lip movements will increase a child's awareness of their tongue and lip movements. The story focusing on the range of tongue movements as well as the coordination & speech of the movements. Awareness of tongue movements can assist when directions are given to encourage imitation of correct speech sounds. However the book works on more than just "tongue exercises". Children are encouraged to copy movements at the mouth level. This can help in developing the pre-speech skill of imitation.

     Social skills can be boosted as well as children are encouraged to look at people's faces, tongue and lips which can build eye contact. An increased general awareness of tongue & lips movements can also help the pre-speech skill of general attention as turn-taking is embedded in the copying routines.

Children's Books Educational Resources 

Use these Teaching and Talking Tips while reading. The download helps boost speech, language and literacy skills while reading

In these downloads you will receive pages++ of information and tips broken down into an easy to read and understand format that will inspire you with ideas that you can put into practice today.

Teaching & Talking Tips: The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle 

toddler books


Teaching & Talking Tips: Where's My Teddy by Jex Smith

toddler books


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