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The Top Talk Spoken Word Counter will not only tell you how many words your child uses but breaks the results down further by sorting them into word categories (e.g, action words, describing words, things). This is very important information. If your child does not use words in all categories their talking and sentences may not develop as would be expected for their age. The Online Word Counter has VIDEO & PICTURE Prompts you can use to see if your child knows the word! Over 500+ Words in 17 Categories

Your Online Interactive Checklist
  • Has video & picture prompts you can use to see if your child knows the word!.
  • Over 500+ words in 17 categories
  • Results will tell you how many words in total PLUS how many words in each of our 17 categories your child says.
  • Visit and re visit as many times as you like.  You are able to progress through the word counter in your own time
  • The Spoken Word Counter will tell you if your child is: "at risk, doing OK or advanced for their age"
  • Find out if your child is saying enough social words, describing words or question words!
Who's the Spoken Word Counter for?
  • Parents & Educators ​of-
  • Typically developing toddlers
  • Late talkers
Are you worried about your child's Speech?
  • Worried your child may be a late talker?
  • Does your child use enough words?
  • Don't worry until you've checked!

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