Toddler not talking! Wait-and-see or seek help?

toddler not talking

Do you need to seek help for a toddler not talking or will they grow out of it?

Seek information and help if you have, or are working with, a toddler not talking. There is lots of research that suggests early intervention is the best option for a toddler not talking. Speech Pathologists that have experience in working with young children can provide assessment and advice to get you toddler’s talking back on track before school starts and they are not ready.

toddler not talking

How to help?

Even if you get ideas as a parent you can help avoid your baby or toddler falling into the late talker category. Online parent programmes such as FOCUS on Toddler Talk give parents video presentations by an experienced Speech Pathologist, videos demonstrating everyday games and ideas that you can print and use immediately. This gives you confidence that you are doing you best to help your child’s talking skills to reach their full potential.

These late talking toddlers typically need support to boost “pre-speech” skills that are vital to encourage spoken language (e.g., attention to spoken words, really early turn taking skills, imitation skills). The exact help need by each individual child may vary depending on underlying causes and influences on why a toddler might be a late talker.

Do children grow out of it?

About 30% of late talkers will eventually “grow out” of the delay and are often referred to as “late bloomers”. However, many of these late bloomers may have problems in the early reading stage if early supports are not provided compared to other young children that show typically developing early vocabularies.

  • This means then that MOST late talkers continue to show speech clarity or language specific difficulties. It means that up to 70% of late talking toddlers may have longer term problems. If you wait and see you may be wasting valuable time you could have been seeking early intervention services. An assessment can help give you specific ideas of how to ensure your child receives the early intervention they need.
toddler not talking

Where can I find help?

We have heaps of online parent assessments & resources, tips and blogs to get you started. Always seek advice from a Speech Pathologist or a health professional if you have any concerns. SpeechNet conduct one-on-one assessments and run Talking Words and Sentences Groups.

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