What is FOCUS™

The unique FOCUS™ system is at the heart of the Top Talk® Program.  It is based on state of the art research and knowledge, and is only available through Pop and Top™ centres.

Each letter of the word “FOCUS” refers to an aspect of communication that is essential for excellent communication development.

“F” in FOCUS:   FOCUS – thinking about techniques & milestones

“O” in FOCUS:   OBSERVE – Parents shown how to identify what milestones children have.

“C” in FOCUS:   COMMUNICATE – Social & Self-esteem Skills



Specific F, O, C, U, and S components appropriate for each stage of development have been developed in detail by Dr Sandra McMahon for each Top Talk® Module (e.g. Babies Talk Too™ through to Talking School Readiness™). These have been systematically developed by synthesising the research and knowledge regarding milestones expected at each stage of development, and methods and techniques known to enhance and optimise development of communication at the different ages and stages. 

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