Receptive Language Disorders: Comprehension difficulties in High School Students

receptive language disorders high school comprehension difficulties

3 -5 % of high school students present with receptive language difficulties in High School. However, often receptive language difficulties in the high school years are masked or interpreted as other social, emotional or adolescent behavioural problems. Students in high school have been estimated to spend "75-90% of their day receiving information in the form of lectures, discussions, AV activities and student reports " (Brent, Gough and Robinson, 90). If high school students have difficulties understanding what they hear (receptive language difficulties) the majority of the learning input will be extremely difficult for them.

receptive language disorders high school comprehension difficulties

Receptive Language Difficulties Masked as Emotional and Behaviour Problems In High School Students

Fitting in with peers is key for high school students. To do this, complex verbal comprehension and communication skills are need. Language is needed to participate in social interactions including being good at jokes, lunch time banter, teasing, flirting, verbal conflict, sarcasm and excuses to name a few!

​Adolescents can “label” another high school student as “annoying”, “an idiot” or “someone not to hang out with” just because of the way they talked to their peer groups or how they responded when others talked to them. If a student has receptive language difficulties in high school, they can miss subtle meanings behind communications making them the brunt of jokes. With repeated negative verbal interactions with peers, adolescents can become frustrated and develop feelings of being unpopular and unhappy.

These outward signs of depression or objectionable behaviours can be misinterpreted as personality or emotional difficulties rather than receptive language difficulties in high school students.

​It is often the high school students with receptive language difficulties that teachers and principals label as “difficult students” or “behavioural problems”.

It is vital that parents and teachers are aware of the signs of Receptive Language Difficulties in High School students. In this way they strategies to assist with improving and managing language difficulties can be put into place.

SpeechNet Speech Pathology provide a range of assessments and treatment approaches that are specifically designed for high school students with receptive language difficulties.

We work closely with the school and psychologist to address all aspects of the adolescent (including what can include or look like anxiety or behavioural concerns).  Contact Us today - We're Here To Help!

receptive language disorders high school comprehension difficulties

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