What is Top Talk®,

Top Talk®, is an exciting and completely unique program that was developed by communication & developmental specialists to assist babies from 6 months right through to primary school age children to optimise their communication development and extend their learning potentials.

The Top Talk® Program is delivered via highly structured but fun play-based sessions and a range of books and other products, all targeting specific stages of development.

These stages of development are the basis of the module components of the Top Talk® Program.

Top Talk® sessions are delivered in a group format, some designed to have parents or carers attending, and others without (or the option of either). Our New BOOTCAMP online programmes provide the learning opportunities for parents and children that would be provided by the in clinic Pop & Top Groups.

The Top Talk® Program includes techniques and aids for its practical application in everyday situations.

Top Talk® is designed to deliver the foundations for lifelong success in social and academic areas.