Year 7 Naplan Spelling Minimum Standards: Speech-Language Pathologists can help with Naplan Preparation.

Year 7 Naplan Spelling Minimum Standards: How can a Speech Pathologist help with Naplan Preparation?Naplan Help SpeechNet

Naplan is a national assessment. With high school or middle school systems now in place in Queensland some schools are using the Year 7 Naplan to gauge the strengths and gaps of the new cohort of children in the high school. If you feel your child’s spelling has stagnated or slipping behind – you are not the only one with a grade 7 child. In the early primary years many children rely on their sight reading skills and basic rules. From Year 7 spelling requires a higher level of understanding of spelling rules and the exceptions! Phonological awareness skills that require the child to see and hear patterns in previously unseen words and longer words becomes more important. Phonological awareness is the ability to hear and manipulate sounds in words and is a major predictor of academic success. SpeechNet Speech Pathologists can assess reading and spelling skills to assist in consolidating important foundation skills at this critical year of schooling.

In spelling, Year 7 students at the minimum standard generally identify and correct errors in most frequently used multi-syllable words with regular spelling patterns and some words with silent letters.

Students can correct identified errors in:

  • less frequently used one-syllable words e.g., We will measure the lenth of the plank; A hawk has sharp claus.
  • less frequently used compound words with regular spelling patterns e.g., The chocolate has a penut centre.
  • two-syllable words with irregular spelling patterns e.g, Balence is important for a dancer.
  • less frequently used multi-syllable adverbs.

Students can identify and correct errors in:

  • one-syllable ‘soft c’ words e.g., She has not seen the dog sinse this morning.
  • one-syllable words ending with silent letters e.g., I like to clime trees in the park.
  • one-syllable words with irregular spelling patterns e.g., She thort about the maths problem before starting it.
  • frequently used compound words with irregular spelling patterns.

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