Prep Readiness Assessments and Groups

PREP is the Foundation Year - Prep Readiness Assessments and Groups
speech is foundation for school achievement

​WHY WORRY? IT's only Prep!

​The Prep curriculum is referred to as the foundation year in the Australian Curriculum Documentation. 

​What happens to a building with weak foundations?

​Best to check Prep readiness is intact so that you can help your child build strong academic and social foundations.

Prep readiness screens or groups - call us to book 

Prep readiness screens and groups are available:

​Prep readiness screens and full assessments: 

PREP readiness one-on-one screens  -

 DO YOU HAVE PRIVATE HEALTH THAT INCLUDES SPEECH THERAPY ? Private Health rebates often completely cover these costs for some families.      

​Prep Readiness Screens include:

  • ​check readiness for reading with our PHONOLOGICAL AWARENESS screen - research has shown these skill impact directly on reading and spelling success
  • check speech clarity and expressive language skills are strong enough to communicate independently - remember there will be no mum or kindy teacher to help interpret what the child is saying at Prep!
  • skills needed to Make and Keep Friends
  • Vocabulary checks - Vocabulary has been linked with IQ which has been linked to school success - still time to strengthen these skills if weaknesses are observed.
  • A written summary offered to all families following the screen.
  • There is still time to get get ideas to strengthen skills needed for Prep

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speech therapy brisbane prep readiness

We are offering the Prep Readiness Screens and Assessments at:

  • ​SpeechNet Speech Pathology Brisbane - Holland Park West clinic
  • Springfield Lakes SpeechNet Speech Pathology Clinic too
  • via Skype
  • at your child's Kindergarten or Child Care Centre if 3 or more families that are interested in the screen we can offer reduced rate - talk to the other families or your Centre's Director

Call Us or contact us at to book a Prep-Readiness Screen.

Prep- Readiness Services and Individual Treatment sessions

Term 4 prep readiness groups: Starting soon  -  only limited spaces left OR we can offer one-on-one programs. 

For a successful Prep start the following is considered vital for success:

  • ​the ability to speak clearly so friends and teachers can understand them and speeech errors do not impact on early reading and spelling
  • good social langauge skills - can introduce themselves, ask for help, explain situations
  • Good listening/ attending skills and can cope with group learning - auditory processing (following directions and listening) is SO important for Prep success
  • have the skills to learn to read ie phonological awareness skills eg  knows when words rhyme, can hear if first and last sounds in words are the same (this skill comes before knowing their letters)
  • is able to or tries to write their own name
  • physical skills - balance, organisation, toilet training, can talk and eat at break times
  • knows some letters and numbers - rote counting, some idea about the ABC

--------->  All can be covered in the Prep Readiness Screens & Groups

Why attend SpeechNet Prep Readiness Groups and Assessments when perhaps there are other places offering what might seem similiar?

​SpeechNet Speech Pathology & Learning Centre has experience and proven record of supporting families preparing their children to enter formal school. Our services help children to be primed for success. The services have helped over 500 Prep students of all abilities and skills in last 2 years!  The key areas addressed are based on the latest research findings. Groups are small to ensure each child receives individual attention. There are Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Pscyhologists and a Physiotherapist ON SITE if  there are several areas of support needed. Speech Therapists actually work in schools and hence know what support will help. SpeechNet is Helping Children with Autism Providers & Better Start Providers indicating we have the experience to support children with specfic needs. We do not just focus on one area needed for Prep - we consider emotional resiliance, social skills, physical needs AND academic learning readiness at our centres.  Dr Sandra McMahon,Speech Pathologist, PhD has over 15 years experience as a lecturer, researcher and clincial Speech Therapist - this leads to a speech pathology team ensuring quality and a huge knowledge base for supporting your child.

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Experienced SpeechNet Speech Pathologists  

NOT STARTING PREP FOR A YEAR OR 2? THEN THE Best way to ensure Prep readiness is to ensure strong speech and language skills in the toddler years - if your child IS NOT YET PREP AGE OR THEY  have a younger sibling, check out our FOCUS on Toddler talk - great for 18 mths to 3 year olds.

Toddler Talk speech therapy brisbane

Online eProgram for all Parents of Toddlers. Get them kindy ready & avoid late talking



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